What Saint Bellarmine really said about Popes and Heresy

In the book The Ecumenical Council and the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff, Cardinal Henry Edward Manning (1808–1892) explains the position of Doctor of the Church, Saint Robert Bellarmine on Popes and heresy. Bellarmine discusses four possible positions on the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Evolution: Q and A for Catholics

Pope Francis recently gave a talk to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (27 Oct 2014), in which he mentioned evolution and the Big Bang theory. There has been some confusion among my fellow Catholics about the meaning of the Pope’s … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Evolution

Pope Francis commented on the Big Bang theory and evolution in a speech to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He said that the Big Bang theory “doesn’t contradict the intervention of a divine Creator, but demands it.” The Pope also … Continue reading

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Euthanasia: grave sin or human right?

The so-called “right to die” has been in the news lately. The culture of our sinful secular society has taken up a new push to legalize and glorify euthanasia. The spearhead of this attack on morality is the case of … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not bear False Witness against the Pope

The ten commandments of the Old Testament include a negative precept condemning false testimony, also called false witness. [Exodus] {20:16} You shall not speak false testimony against your neighbor. In the New Testament, Jesus reiterates the ten commandments. They are … Continue reading

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Adam and Eve versus Evolution

This book argues in favor of Adam and Eve as two real historical persons, and also in favor of accepting evolution as one of the natural means that God uses to guide the unfolding of His Creation. Adam and Eve … Continue reading


What Is Your Position on Salvation Theology?

There are several different positions on salvation that are commonly found among Catholics. However, not all of these positions are compatible with magisterial teaching. My position: 1. God wills that all human persons be saved. The only persons who are … Continue reading

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Most Muslims Are Not Extremists

In Judaism, there are very conservative Hasidic Jews, somewhat less conservative orthodox Jews, as well as moderate and liberal Jews. There are many different versions of Judaism because believers have differing ideas about what it means to be a Jew: … Continue reading


The future of the Islamic Extremists in my eschatology

1. ISIS will continue to conquer cities and regions in Iraq, Syria, and beyond. 2. ISIS will conquer and control Iraq; they will use Iraq as their base of operations. 3. Iran will obtain nuclear weapons. 4. Hassan Rouhani will … Continue reading


Weekend Q and A (10-11-14)

You can use the comments in this post to ask me questions on Catholic doctrine or discipline, including any topic discussed in my books and past posts and articles. Please avoid argumentative questions. Only ask me a question if you … Continue reading

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The “Birth Control for a Medical Purpose” Question

“Is it OK to use birth control to treat Menorrhagia?” This was the question asked by user “DenverCatholic” in the Ask an Apologist section of Catholic Answers discussion group. See the original question and answer here. The poster stated the … Continue reading

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World War 3 and the Next Supreme Leader of Iran

According to a recent news story, the current Supreme Leader of Iran — a position of both religious and political power — is frail and ill. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s health issues have led to speculation on his successor. … Continue reading


Preparing for the Warning of Garabandal

We are now about 18 months away from the Warning of Garabandal, on Good Friday, 25 March 2016, and about 19 and a half months away from the Miracle of Garabandal, on 12 May 2016. I suggest that you prepare … Continue reading


What Jesus said about the Islamic Extremists

Jesus is God-made-man, so he knows the whole future. When Jesus was teaching the disciples, he had in mind the whole future of the Church. Therefore, His teachings take account of future situations, including ours today. What would Jesus say … Continue reading


Weekend Q and A (through monday)

This post is an opportunity to ask me any question in Catholic theology. As I’ve stated before, I won’t engage in arguments. The purpose of these posts is learning. Ask me questions if you think that you can learn something … Continue reading

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Heaven, Hell, and Salvation

Two of my recent publications deal with the topic of salvation theology. The brief booklet: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo explains those three places and their role in the plan of God for salvation. The booklet starts with a summary … Continue reading

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The Problem with Pope Francis Marrying cohabitating Couples

Pope Francis married 20 couples living in sin (cohabitating outside of marriage). The news story is here. The holy Pontiff stressed that the Church should be forgiving, and should welcome sinners. From a theological point of view, the Sacrament of … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Garabandal — 12 May 2016

Through my work in eschatology, I’ve concluded that the date of the miracle described by the visionaries of Garabandal is Thursday, the 12th of May in 2016. That date is the feast of Blessed Imelda, a favorite of Pope Francis, … Continue reading

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The Distinction between Ordinary Foreplay and Sexual Acts

Certain popular Catholic authors claim that unnatural sexual acts are moral in marriage, if climax is lacking and if an act of natural marital relations open to life is included in the set of acts. I strongly disagree. And so … Continue reading


My Take on Faith-based Movies

Some faith-based movies do more harm than good. For example, the movie Noah (2104) is not really a depiction of the Biblical event called the great Flood. The movie does more than take a few creative liberties. It totally rewrites … Continue reading

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