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How Michael Voris and his Supporters harm the Church

Michael Voris has decided to take a role teaching his fellow Catholics. In that role as a teacher, he is doing much harm to the souls of the faithful. And many Catholic bloggers, including Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, are committing the … Continue reading


Fr. Z. versus Michael Voris

Fr. Z. has repeatedly publicly stated his unqualified support for Michael Voris. He frequently promotes Voris’ videos and teachings on his blog. He has traveled to Washington D.C. with Voris. Why does Fr. Z. support and promote the work of … Continue reading


Michael Voris’ Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

This video is over an hour and 23 minutes in length. It is Michael Voris, in front of a small audience of Catholics, teaching them about a supposed hidden agenda behind climate science. The title is: Global Warming Unmasked: The … Continue reading


Concerning the teacher of heresy, Michael Voris

UPDATED I have now banned 5 members of my discussion group, for following the teachings of the heretic Michael Voris. The discussion thread that prompted this action is here. A discussion group member (now banned) wrote these words about this … Continue reading

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Michael Voris: summary of doctrinal errors

This post is a summary of the doctrinal errors taught by Michael Voris, as explained at length in several of my previous posts. The Errors of Michael Voris: anti-Judaism at RealCatholicTV – he claims that Judaism is no longer a … Continue reading


Michael Voris: his senseless rejection of ‘Amazing Grace’

In the video by Michael Voris on the song Amazing Grace, he objects strongly to the use of the word ‘wretch’ in the song. He claims that the use of this term is an expression of Protestant theological errors, incompatible … Continue reading


Michael Voris: doctrinal errors on grace

Some theologians have a gift for popularizing difficult ideas without over-simplification. Michael Voris is not one of them. In fact, he is not really a theologian at all. He has written and published no books of theology, nor even any … Continue reading

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Michael Voris teaches heresy on the Trinity

I’ve written about Michael Voris previously: The Errors of Michael Voris: distorted doctrine on Hell The Errors of Michael Voris: anti-Judaism at RealCatholicTV His diocese has issued this public statement There are several general problems with the teachings of Michael … Continue reading


The Errors of Michael Voris: distorted doctrine on Hell

Michael Voris presents an overly-simplified explanation of Hell containing several doctrinal errors. Like his other lectures, he speaks to his audience as if he were merely teaching what the Church teaches, as if there were no theological opinions in anything … Continue reading


The Errors of Michael Voris: anti-Judaism

Michael Voris (on the website and on YouTube) does not present orthodox Catholic teaching. Michael Voris, S.T.B., seems to be the only teacher, formerly at RealCatholicTV, and now at — Voris was told by his Bishop to stop using … Continue reading


Which Religions Should be Considered True Religions?

First, I believe with all my heart and mind that Christianity is the truest form of religion and that Catholicism the truest form of Christianity. I am not debating or doubting that truth in this article. There is no truer … Continue reading

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On the Salaries of Catholic Apologists

Catholic Answers apologetics ministry has recently begun an “Emergency Appeal” for donations. Some persons online have commented that these donations will go, in part, to pay rather large salaries for some of the top people at Catholic Answers, including Jimmy … Continue reading


Is the Book of Revelation about the Future?

I read a disturbing post the other day, over at Taylor Marshall’s blog: The Two Beasts in Revelation – What Do They Represent? And I’ve read similar material by other authors also, on Revelation as well as on the Book … Continue reading

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The next Pope and the SSPX

The SSPX is a group of Bishops, priests, and laypersons who utterly reject the teaching authority of Vatican II and every Pope from John 23 to Benedict 16. They are schismatics, in that they reject an Ecumenical Council and several … Continue reading


Do You Disagree? Where’s Your Theological Argument?

Each of my theological arguments on any topic stands on its own merits. Sometimes I express a theological opinion on a matter of pious disagreement among faithful Catholics. Other times I express, in my own way, the true teachings of … Continue reading

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The Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial

In the Creed, we say that Jesus is consubstantial (formerly phrased as ‘one in being’) with the Father. What does this mean? A Dogma of the Faith The dogma concerning the Nature of the Trinity is that all Three Persons … Continue reading


Signs that the Great Apostasy is Imminent

A very partial list, in no particular order: 1. Many false teachers have risen up, claiming to teach Catholic doctrine, but instead teaching grave error. 2. The number of false private revelations has increased dramatically in recent years. 3. The … Continue reading

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The Role of the Internet in Triggering the Great Apostasy

The Apostasy The great apostasy is an eschatological event in which most Catholics depart from the Church, along with most religious, many priests, a significant number of Bishops, and several Cardinals. This event is associated with the tribulation (the end … Continue reading

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Why neither the Pope, nor the body of Bishops, can commit heresy

A valid Pope can never commit the sin of apostasy, or heresy, or schism, because God positively and absolutely prevents it. See my previous article: Can a Pope commit the sin of heresy? By the grace of God, and by … Continue reading


How Many Will Be Saved? Refuting the Ultra-conservatives

You can usually tell whether a Catholic is liberal, moderate, or conservative by the answer to the question: How many souls are sent to Hell? From the far left comes the heretical answer that no human persons go to Hell; … Continue reading

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