Where Did Cain Get His Wife?

In the book of Genesis, Cain murders his brother Abel. Then God punishes him with exile. Subsequently, Cain married a wife, and they conceived a son, Enoch. Afterward, Cain built a city and named it after his son. [Genesis 4] … Continue reading

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An Overview of Heresy in the Church Today: Part Two Salvation Theology

Universalism On one extreme, we have Catholics who claim that we may “reasonably hope” that “perhaps” all human person will eventually go to Heaven. This claim directly contradicts the teaching of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition that many souls go … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A (open)

Ask a question on a topic in Catholic theology.

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An Overview of Heresy in the Church Today: Part One Moral Theology

Intrinsically evil acts An intrinsically evil act is a knowingly chosen act which is inherently ordered toward an evil moral object (a moral deprivation in the proximate end of the act). When the object is evil, the act is intrinsically … Continue reading

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More Grave Errors by E. Christian Brugger via NCRegister

In his article, Is Masturbation Always Wrong?, E. Christian Brugger proposes serious moral errors. The specific question is whether masturbation is moral for medical reasons. His answer is a mishmash of truth, distortion, and error. And in the end, he … Continue reading

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Contraception does not destroy the Unitive or Marital meanings

A set of heresies is being propagated on the topic of contraception and sexual ethics by unfaithful Catholic teachers. Previously, I wrote about the heresy claiming that contraception only applies to a valid marriage. Today, I address the claim that … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A (closed)

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The Betrayers of Humanae Vitae

A battle for the soul of Catholic Christian morality is underway. And the true teachings of the faith are losing ground. The enemy is within our own ranks. Heretical Catholic teachers are spreading grave moral errors, under the guise of … Continue reading

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Which Persons Are Virgins?

According to canon lawyer Ed Peters: “a woman who has not freely engaged in penile-vaginal sexual intercourse is a ‘virgin’ while one who has engaged in that act is not.” This ridiculously narrow definition permits a woman to commit all … Continue reading

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The Three Fonts of Morality (continued)

Free Will and Ends Human free will is the source of each of the three fonts. The human person chooses, by an exercise of free will, an intended end. The person is not compelled to choose any particular end; he … Continue reading

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The Three Fonts of Morality

A human act is a knowing choice made by a human person. Every human act is an exercise of free will, making a choice based on knowledge in the intellect. Each choice is an act. All acts are subject to … Continue reading

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Ten Conservative Failures of Faith

1. Restricting the definition of contraception, as an intrinsically evil act, to its use in marriage. 2. Permitting abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose, despite the deaths of innocent prenatals. 3. Justifying unnatural sexual acts in marriage. 4. Promoting the … Continue reading

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E. Christian Brugger’s Grave Error on Papal Authority

In a public statement earlier this year, theologian E. Christian Brugger issued an Open Appeal, which called on all Catholic Bishops to oppose, undermine, and contradict Pope Francis. By this public act, Brugger committed formal schism, the refusal of submission … Continue reading


Theology Q and A

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Nuclear Weapons and Catholic Ethics

The recent Popes have spoken against nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation. They have repeatedly called for total disarmament worldwide. They have also condemned the use and even the possession of these weapons. Second Vatican Council: “Any act of war aimed … Continue reading

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Which Acts Are Sins?

In Catholic teaching, the morality of human acts is determined by three fonts (from the Latin word for sources). An act is a deliberate knowing choice; it is an exercise of free will and reason. Each human act is moral … Continue reading

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How Can Celibate Bishops and Priests Teach on Sexual Ethics?

The teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage and on sexual ethics is sometimes dismissed by critics because the Church is led by celibate Bishops, including the Roman Pontiff. They ask: How can celibate men have sufficient understanding of marriage … Continue reading

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Wifely Obedience in Catholic Teaching

True Marriage There are only two types of true marriage before the eyes of God, a merely natural marriage, and the Sacrament of holy Matrimony. Natural marriage was established when Adam and Eve were created, that is, at the beginning … Continue reading

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Eschatology and the Rebellion against Pope Francis

My opinion is that the first part of the tribulation is very near. We are at the threshold of the end times. But the end of the end times is hundreds of years in the future. Here is the outline … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A

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