Week-end Q and A

Ask me questions about my theology writings, or general questions on any topic in theology. Post you question in the comments section. Be brief. This is not an opportunity for debate. If you think you already know the answer, then … Continue reading

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Ethics and Salvation: objective sin versus actual sin

Objective sin (or material sin) is distinguished from actual sin (or formal sin). The former is objectively a sin. It is immoral under the immutable eternal moral law, by its conflict with the love of God and the love of … Continue reading

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How many wills and intellects are in God?

Here is the article in question: There is no Obedience in the Trinity. In it, Fr. Ryan Erlenbush asserts multiple serious errors on Jesus and on the Trinity, namely: 1. The claim that in God, there is only one will … Continue reading

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The Resurgence of Feeneyism

Fr. Leonard Feeney taught the heresy that only the baptized can possibly be saved. He interpreted the baptism of blood to refer only to the Christian Catechumen who was willing to die for the faith, and he concluded that God … Continue reading

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The Third Secret of Fatima is not secret

From the Vatican.va website: Communiqué on articles regarding the “Third Secret of Fatima”, 21.05.2016 Vatican City, 21 May 2016 – Several articles have appeared recently, including declarations attributed to Professor Ingo Dollinger according to which Cardinal Ratzinger, after the publication … Continue reading

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Saint Jerome on Marital Chastity

Saint Jerome, Doctor and Father of the Church Illicit sexual acts within marriage are equivalent to fornication and adultery, as Saint Jerome taught: “And it makes no difference how honorable may be the cause of a man’s insanity. Hence Xystus … Continue reading

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Does God love everyone?

God loves Himself. The Three Persons of the Trinity love one another. God loves Jesus and Mary, who are both sinless and exceedingly holy. God even loves repentant sinners. Fine. But does God love everyone? Worst case scenario, worst persons … Continue reading


Examples of Secular Pharisaism

As I explained in a previous post, secular Pharisaism places blind adherence to rules above the common good and the rights of individuals. Here is one example of secular Pharisaism: Teen with brain tumor barred from prom. As I understand … Continue reading


My translation of the doctrines of Trent

I’m about one third of the way through my current project: translating the doctrines of the Council of Trent — just the doctrinal teachings, not also the decisions on discipline — from Latin into English. It’s going well. I think … Continue reading


Pope Francis on the children of God

In his sermon on Pentecost, Pope Francis taught on spiritual adoption as the children of God. Here is the news article: We were made to be God’s children and also the full text from the Vatican website. His teaching is … Continue reading

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On Justification: dogma or heresy?

UPDATED with answers. Each of the following assertions is either a dogma (an infallible teaching of the Magisterium), or a heresy (an idea directly contrary to a dogma). Which is which? 1. All human persons lost their innocence by the … Continue reading

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What if Pope Francis uses Papal Infallibility?

The usefulness of Papal Infallibility is found in the fact you can know that the teaching is true, without having to rely on your own reasoning and understanding to evaluate the assertion. If a teaching meets the conditions for Papal … Continue reading


The Voice of the Family versus Pope Francis

Here’s the news report: “Over 100 pro-life and pro-family leaders from all over the world leapt to their feet in applause at a meeting in Rome on Saturday after hearing a call for Pope Francis to withdraw his controversial exhortation … Continue reading


The Principle of Double Effect and Intrinsically Evil Acts

The Principle of Double Effect (PDE) has been badly misunderstood by most teachers of Catholic ethics, and it is often misrepresented. The main problem is that you cannot understand the principle of double effect, unless you first understand the three … Continue reading


Women Deacons: Objections and Replies

Does the Catholic Church have the authority and ability to ordain women as deacons? If so, should the Church ordain women to the diaconate? This post considers several common objections to the ordination of women deacons. Objection 1: Women are … Continue reading

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My prediction: Pope Francis will ordain women deacons in 2016

Here is the news report: Did Pope Francis Just Pave the Way for Women Priests? First of all, the holy Pontiff was only talking about women deacons, not women priests. The news media, as usual, distorted the Pope’s comments. Second, … Continue reading

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If you think there is a Translation Error in Humanae Vitae…

If you think there is a translation error in Humanae Vitae, where is your scholarly or theological argument? If you think that Church teaching, on the grave moral matter of contraception, has been badly misunderstood due to that translation error, … Continue reading


Janet Smith’s new translation of Humanae Vitae

Janet Smith has decided that Humanae Vitae contains a translation error, which, when corrected by her, results in a stunning change in Church doctrine, suddenly limiting the condemnation of contraception to the marital state. This claim is contradicted by many … Continue reading

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Heresy and Contraception Outside of Marriage

Christopher O. Tollefsen: “contraceptive acts are intrinsically wrong, and not merely always wrong within the marital context.” Tollefsen: “even commentators such as John T. Noonan, who believe the Church teaching to be changeable, accept that the Church has throughout its … Continue reading


Some Catholics have No Faith At All. Literally.

I am not speaking rhetorically. Some Catholics, who attend Mass and receive Communion, lack all three theological virtues: love, faith, and hope. They are not in the state of grace, due to one actual mortal sin or another. And at … Continue reading