Opinions on the Timing of the Warning

The Warning For many years now, I have been saying that the Warning of Garabandal would occur on Good Friday. The reason is that this event, also called the Illumination of Conscience, shows everyone the sins still on their conscience, … Continue reading

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Eventually, faithful Catholics will be driven out of the Health Care System

A faithful Catholic physician cannot prescribe abortifacient contraception, nor refer patients for abortions. He or she cannot morally prescribe ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs for recreational purposes, which seems to be their main usage today. He cannot perform, nor refer patients … Continue reading

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The Moral Object of Abortifacient Contraception for a Medical Purpose

The Moral Object Morality concerns the knowingly chosen acts of human persons. By exercising the gifts of reason and free will in any knowing choice, the human person acts, and such acts are subject to the eternal moral law. Every … Continue reading

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Denmark: legalized government theft from the poor

The news report is here: Denmark legalizes confiscation of valuables from immigrants (CNN) This new law in Denmark allows the government to seize cash, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, computers, and other valuables (except for things of sentimental value) from “asylum … Continue reading

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All Persons of Good Will are Adopted Children of God

We faithful Catholic Christians believe that Christianity is the truest form of religion on earth, and that Catholicism is the truest form of Christianity. The one true Church and sole Ark of Salvation is the one holy catholic and apostolic … Continue reading

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Can A Pope Go To Hell?

Certainly a Cardinal, Bishop, priest, deacons, monk, nun, or any layperson can possibly die unrepentant from actual mortal sin and suffer eternal punishment in Hell. It is the teaching of the Church that not all Christians will reach eternal life … Continue reading

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Bible Readings Week 47

For this week: read 1 John 1-5.

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Can we be absolutely certain that some human souls are in Hell?

Yes. It is an article of faith and a required belief (under pain of heresy and automatic excommunication) that Hell contains some human souls. Infallible Teachings The teaching that all men and/or all angels, will eventually reach Heaven is a … Continue reading

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Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, and Pharisees

Many Catholics today have fallen into the error of the Pharisees, by speaking about non-Christians as if they cannot be children of God, as if they are very unlikely to be saved, as if all Christians are better than all … Continue reading

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Do Plants and Animals have Souls?

Animals have a mortal soul; when an animal dies, its soul ceases to exist. Genesis, chapter 1, teaches that animals have souls. {1:20} And then God said, “Let the waters produce animals with a living soul, and flying creatures above … Continue reading

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Contraception and the Zika virus

Is it moral to use contraception, either a barrier method or a pill, to prevent conception of a child who might be greatly harmed by the Zika virus? Background The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The CDC says: “The … Continue reading

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Jesus on Salvation for non-Christians

The Beatitudes are the path to Heaven. Whosoever lives these beatitudes, even just one of them lived in full cooperation with grace, will have eternal life. For each of these beatitudes is an exercise of the love of God and … Continue reading

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How To Make A Good Confession

The single best thing you can do to prepare for the Warning on Good Friday of 2016: GO TO CONFESSION! How To Go to Confession – a single page overview of confession (PDF format) Examination of Conscience – based on … Continue reading

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The Warning on March 25th of 2016

The Warning of Garabandal, which is the same as the first secret of Medjugorje, is only two months away! Prepare your souls!! * increase your prayers * pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet * make a thorough examination … Continue reading

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Bible Readings Week 46

For this week: read 1 Peter 4-5 and 2 Peter 1-3.

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The Sharp Corners of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ has some sharp corners. The Word that proceeds from the mouth of Jesus is a sharp two-edged sword: it cuts for you and against you. When you do good, or repent from doing evil, … Continue reading


Whoever ridicules the Pope, ridicules Christ

The Pope is the Vicar of Christ; he is the representative of Jesus Christ on earth. The Pope is also the supreme teacher and shepherd of souls in the Church on earth. Whoever ridicules the Pope, ridicules Christ. Whoever treats … Continue reading


The Martyrdoms of James and John, sons of Zebedee

In the Gospel, Jesus says that both sons of Zebedee, James the greater and John the Evangelist, would be martyred. [Mark] {10:35} And James and John, the sons of Zebedee, drew near to him, saying, “Teacher, we wish that whatever … Continue reading


A Warning about the Warning of Garabandal

The Warning of Garabandal is also called the illumination of consciences. In my understanding, this event is the same as the first secret of Medjugorje. My prediction for the date of this event is Good Friday of 2016. The Warning … Continue reading

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Fasting and Abstaining from Meat: Letter vs. Spirit

During Lent, Catholics must fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday. On other Fridays of Lent, Catholics must simply abstain from meat. Here are some more specifics, for Catholics in the U.S., from the USCCB. … Continue reading