Passionate Kissing Prior to Marriage

Many moralists claim that ‘passionate’ kissing is always an objective mortal sin for any unmarried man and woman, regardless of intention or circumstances, even if the couple is engaged. But they allow that non-passionate kissing is moral. There are several … Continue reading

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Bible Readings Week 38

For this week: read 1 Thess. 4-5 and 2 Thess 1-3.

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Formal or Actual Sin versus Material or Objective Sin

In Catholic moral theology, an act is a knowing choice of the human person. Some acts are interior; they are confined to the mind and will. Other acts are exterior, then involve some bodily action. But exterior acts are always … Continue reading

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If lying isn’t always wrong, then nothing is always wrong

The assertion in the title — If lying isn’t always wrong, then nothing is always wrong — is predicated on two truths, two teachings of the Church. 1. Lying is intrinsically evil. Lying is in the category of intrinsically disordered … Continue reading

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Contra Antonio Socci on the validity of Pope Francis

Excerpted from my book: In Defense of Pope Francis — Already some foolish Catholics are claiming that the election of Pope Francis was invalid, making his papacy invalid. Why would they say such a thing? The main motivation seems to … Continue reading

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God’s Plan to fix the Church

The one true holy Catholic and Apostolic Church includes the holy souls in Purgatory and the holy souls and holy angels in heaven. But on earth, the members of the Church are fallen sinners. And at the present time, the … Continue reading

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What you Think is moral versus Church Teaching

One of the most common issues in Catholic ethics is the conflict between what seems moral and what the Church teaches on morality. The problem arises because we are fallen sinners. We were conceived with original sin, and after baptism … Continue reading

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The Warning is 4 months away: Good Friday, 2016

Good Friday of 2016, now 4 months away, is the date of the Warning in my eschatology. I expect a conservative schism to occur also, beginning when Pope Francis releases his final document in response to the Synod. The Warning … Continue reading

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Checklist for the Start of the End Times

Are the End Times (also called the tribulation or the apocalypse) about to begin? My readers already know my answer: the tribulation begins in 2016. Here is my checklist of events I expect to occur soon, as part of the … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Justification of Lying

The ordinary and universal Magisterium infallibly teaches that certain human acts are intrinsically evil; they are immoral due to the object of the act, apart from intention and circumstances. Intrinsically evil acts are irremediably evil; nothing can justify the knowing … Continue reading

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The Catechism on Lying and Intrinsic Evil

The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly teaches, just as Pope Saint John Paul II taught in Veritatis Splendor: 1. intrinsically evil acts are always immoral, regardless of intention or circumstances 2. an intrinsically evil act is an act with … Continue reading

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The Principles of Cooperation in Evil

When another person is sinning, when is your related act (cooperative act) sinful? Explicit cooperation occurs when your intention (intended end, purpose) is to assist the other person precisely in what is sinful. Explicit cooperation is always immoral because it … Continue reading

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Bible Readings Week 37

For this week: read Colossians 3-4 and 1 Thess. 1-3.

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Reply to Some of My Online Critics

In this post, I reply to some of my online critics, those who dismiss my work without regard for its theological content. Medjugorje One of the ways that some commentators dismiss my body of work in theology is by simply … Continue reading

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Saint Alphonsus Liguori on Marital Chastity

The work titled “Moral Theology” by Saint Alphonsus Liguori contains a few brief passages on marital chastity, that is to say, on which types of sexual acts are permissible in marriage. Of course, all sexual acts are prohibited outside of … Continue reading

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How Many Animals entered the Ark of Noah?

The usual discussion about Noah and the Flood among Catholics involves two different positions: that the Flood story is entirely fictional, or that it is entirely literal. In my book, Noah’s Flood: Literal or Figurative?, I refute both positions and … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Evil and Voting

The USCCB has voted to issue a new Catholic voter’s guide: “The bishops also voted 217-16-2 in favor of on a new introductory note and 210-21-5 for a limited revision to their quadrennial statement on political responsibility, “Forming Consciences for … Continue reading

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Why Terrorists shout: Allahu Akbar

The phrase Allahu Akbar is Arabic meaning “God is greatest”. Wikipedia says: “It is a common Islamic Arabic expression, used in various contexts by Muslims; in formal prayer, in the call for prayer (adhān), as an informal expression of faith, … Continue reading

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ISIS and Iran have the same goal: start an Apocalyptic War

Islamic State of… The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) call themselves simply “Islamic State” because their goal is to use violence to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, meaning kingdom. They believe that the 12th Imam, an historical figure … Continue reading

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Is the Holy Spirit the Love between the Father and the Son?

Yes and no. It depends on how this expression is understood. First, let’s consider the erroneous interpretation of this expression. It is a dogma of the Catholic Faith that the Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial. They have the … Continue reading

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