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I’m busy this time of year, for various reasons. I plan on writing some posts in the near future on the following topics: * More posts of the type “Errors in Wikipedia…” * A longer more detailed post on divorce, … Continue reading

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Divorce and Remarriage in the Old Testament (updated and edited)

The Old Testament permitted divorce and remarriage. This was written into Mosaic law, which is of divine origin. The opinion which states that the Old Testament contains the misunderstandings and errors of an ancient people is abject heresy. All of … Continue reading

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The General Resurrection and the Dissolution of Marriage

What happens, at the time of the general Resurrection, to the faithful Catholic Christians who are still alive on earth on that very day, at that very hour? Does Jesus, at His Return, strike them dead so that He can … Continue reading

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The Problem of Oversimplification in Catholic Theology

The answers to many scientific questions are complex, and cannot be explained, with any breadth or depth, in very simple terms. Any attempt to explain a scientific insight, in the simplest possible terms, necessarily removes much of the substance of … Continue reading

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Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, and Pharisees

Do the divorced and remarried go to Heaven? What about a married gay couple, or an atheist, or a wealthy business man? In my understanding, persons can die unrepentant from objectively grave sins, such as sexual sins or the sin … Continue reading

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Pope Francis wants to change a line of the Our Father

The line is “lead us not into temptation”. The Pontiff suggests that “do not let us fall into temptation” would be a better translation. This translation is fairly loose, but not really contrary to the meaning of the line. In … Continue reading

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Does the General Judgment Immediately Follow the Second Coming?

Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium certainly teach that Jesus will Return from Heaven, bodily, at an event called the Second Coming: {1:11} And they said: “Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking up toward heaven? This Jesus, who has been … Continue reading

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Does Contracepted Sex suffice to Consummate a Marriage?

The Catholic Sacrament of Marriage is “ratum tantum” (ratified only) after the exchange of vows in the wedding ceremony, and is “ratum et consummatum” (ratified and consummated) after the spouses have had marital relations. The sexual relations in question is … Continue reading

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Pope Francis uses the AAS to approve of the Buenos Aires interpretation of Amoris Laetitia

Some commentators are making a lot of noise over the inclusion in the most recent publication of the AAS (Acts of the Apostolic See) of a statement that two documents, a papal letter to Msgr. Fenoy and the document of … Continue reading

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Teachers of Heresy are Not Worthy to receive Communion

Under both Canon 915 (external forum) and Canon 916 (internal forum), Catholics who teach heresy should not receive Communion. If Canon 915 is to be applied in the strict manner preferred by many papal critics, then it cannot be applied … Continue reading

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Is Canon 915 a reflection of a universally binding divine law itself?

Dr. Ed Peters has made some exaggerated and harmful claims about Canon 915. That’s the canon that is used to deny Communion to the divorced and remarried. Peters and others say that the divorced and remarried must be denied Communion, … Continue reading

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A Few Predictions for the Near Future

My work in the field of Catholic eschatology spans over 20 years of research, study, and writing. Eschatology is, by its nature, highly speculative. I’ve never received any kind of revelation from God myself. My predictions are not divine revelation; … Continue reading

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conservative Catholics criticize the Pope, but not themselves

The conservative Catholic subculture criticizes Pope Francis harshly, with severe bias. But conservatives Catholics rarely, if ever, criticize their fellow conservatives or the subculture to which they adhere. I can easily point out multiple severe heresies and other grave theological … Continue reading

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Errors in Wikipedia on the Immaculate Conception

Updated: the Wikipedia article in question has been fixed. Thanks! Here is the Wikipedia article in question: Immaculate Conception. The errors are serious, not minor. In one case, an error distorts the dogma to the extent of heresy. In another … Continue reading

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When Does The Tribulation Begin?

A common opinion in Catholic eschatology divides the tribulation into two parts: a lesser tribulation, followed by a respite from the sufferings, ending with a greater tribulation. The Antichrist and the Return of Jesus Christ occur in the greater (or … Continue reading

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The Implications of Refusing Services to a Gay Wedding

Many conservative Catholics have taken the position that devout Christians ought to refuse to provide business services to same-sex weddings and receptions. The types of services include wedding cake, catering, music, photography, flowers, and the venue. They say that providing … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Casuistry and Thomism

The word casuistry is derived from the Latin word for case — “causa”, referring to a particular occasion or to a legal case, and not “casus”, referring to a fall or accident. One meaning is an approach to ethics which … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Nuclear Disarmament

Over at CatholicCulture.org, Phil Lawler is exercising his self-given role to judge and oppose the Roman Pontiff. Note that, in a previous post, Lawler spoke with great pride about past popes Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, … Continue reading

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What Should the Church do about False Teachers?

The Problem The Roman Catholic Church in the world today has many problems. One major problem is the vast number of false teachers, who claim to be presenting the true Gospel and a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine, but in … Continue reading

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Love of Enemies versus Faith in a flawed Pope

[Matthew] {5:44} But I say to you: Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. And pray for those who persecute and slander you. {5:45} In this way, you shall be sons of your Father, who is in … Continue reading

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