An A to Z defense of Pope Francis

This post is a rebuttal to the post titled The A – Z list of concerns with Pope Francis by John-Henry Westen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of 1. Amoris Laetitia The magisterial teachings of any Pope are non-infallible — always … Continue reading

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CDF Prefect Ladaria on Universalism

In his book “Jesus Christ, Salvation of All”, Archbishop Luis F. Ladaria presents his private reflections on salvation, especially on the role of Christ in the salvation of everyone. Ladaria was recently appointed by Pope Francis as the prefect of … Continue reading

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Catholic Doctrine or the Heresy of Universalism?

Of the following theological positions, which is sound Catholic doctrine on salvation and which is the heresy of universalism? A. The universality of salvation means that it is granted not only to those who explicitly believe in Christ and have … Continue reading

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Do You Realize that the Conservative Schism has begun?

It used to be that conservative Catholics prided themselves on defending the teachings of the Pope and the Magisterium. But somewhere along the way, many conservative Catholics became lost to the sin of pride. They began to replace the theological … Continue reading

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A Rebuke of the False Eschatology of Kelly Bowring

Introduction In a recent blog post, titled Prophecy Unfolding: The Current Pope, the False Church, and The Great Warning, Dr. Kelly Bowring continues his schismatic and heretical attack on the Roman Pontiff and the one true Church. Bowring interprets various … Continue reading

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Who is in the State of Grace?

Only God can see the soul, and know who is in the state of grace, and who is not. However, in some cases, we can know with the certitude of human knowledge, not absolute certitude, who is in the state … Continue reading


My Position on Salvation Theology

1. Everyone who dies in the state of grace goes to Heaven, either directly or by way of Purgatory. This is already the infallible teaching of the Church. The criterion for who is saved is nothing other than dying in … Continue reading

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The New German Law against Hate Speech

Here’s the news story: New German Law Forces Facebook To Remove Hate Speech or Pay Over $50 Million — In an address on Friday, one of the main supporters of the bill, Justice Minister Heiko Maas, said, “Freedom of expression … Continue reading

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Common Faults among Conservative Catholics

These faults are not found in all conservative Catholics, and they are also found in persons who are not conservative Catholics, but they are relatively common, today, within conservative Catholicism. 1. Conservatism over Truth The assumption that the majority opinion … Continue reading

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Ladaria paves the way for new Papal teachings

News story: Francis replaces Cardinal Muller with deputy Ladaria as head of doctrinal congregation — “Pope Francis has decided not to renew the expiring term of Vatican doctrinal chief Cardinal Gerhard Muller, choosing instead to replace the German prelate with … Continue reading

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If America were Catholic

What would the U.S. be like, if, say, 75% of the population were believing and practicing Catholics? Some countries in the world have a majority Catholic population, so it is not unthinkable. But I’m proposing this as a hypothetical. The … Continue reading

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When the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks of Freemasonry

When the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks (rarely) about the dangers of “freemasons” or “freemasonry”, she is using a figure of speech to warn about those persons who would chip away at the stones of the foundation of the Church: Her … Continue reading

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Question and Answer Session (closed)

Again, I’m opening up a post to questions on a wide range of topics in theology. You can ask me general questions on faith, morals, or salvation. You can also ask questions on my writings in particular is eschatology, ethics, … Continue reading

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Which Acts are Beyond the Limits of a Sincere but Mistaken Conscience?

Sometimes an act which is objectively morally disordered is committed with a sincere but mistaken conscience, such that it is not also an actual sin. Only actual sins include guilt and deserve punishment. “Conscience frequently errs from invincible ignorance without … Continue reading

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Will the U.S. accept Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. It is not justified by a good intention or purpose, not even by the medical purpose of relieving severe suffering. It is not justified by a dire circumstance, not even that a … Continue reading


A Hint at how Pope Francis may respond to a Schism

For the past several years, a controversy has been brewing in a diocese in Africa: Ahiara diocese in Nigeria. The previous Bishop was a native son, from the region and people called Mbaise, in southeastern Nigeria. But his successor, Bishop … Continue reading

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The Three Types of Limbo in Catholic Salvation Theology

The term “limbo” is used in three different ways: 1. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Hell 2. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Purgatory 3. limbo as a third final destination, that is not part … Continue reading

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Humanae Vitae on Marital Chastity

The teaching of Humanae Vitae is not limited to the topic of contraception within marriage. In Humanae Vitae, the Magisterium condemns contraception as intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral, regardless of marital state. “Just as man does not have unlimited … Continue reading

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Free book on Marital Sexual Ethics

My book, Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics, will be free from Wednesday, June 7 to Friday, June 9 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer. This book presents the teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith … Continue reading

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How Christians should regard Muslims and Islam

All Christians are not the same. A wide range of beliefs is held and lived by various persons who call themselves Christian. And among Catholics, a wide diversity of beliefs and practices is also found. So when we consider Muslims … Continue reading

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