Eventually, Catholics won’t be able to be Physicians…

… or nurses, or pharmacists, or teachers, or politicians, or soldiers, or many other things. Secular society is becoming progressively ever more intolerant of the Catholic Christian belief system. Eventually, physicians will be required to perform or refer for abortion, to dispense contraception, to dispense recreational drugs for sex and for getting high, and who knows what else.

Read this story about an Australian doctor who may lose his license. He refused to refer a pregnant patient who wanted a late-term abortion (19 weeks) because the child was a girl, and the couple wanted a boy. The couple did not complain about him. But the government is pursuing action against him anyway. This type of story is becoming more and more common.

Eventually, being a physician will become incompatible with believing and practicing the Catholic Faith. And the same situation might occur for nurses, who might be required to dispense abortifacients or to assist in abortions. Pharmacists might be required to dispense abortifacients, or to dispense recreational drugs used in committing grave sins. Bakers may be required to bake wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. Any organization, even the Church, which rents out facilities for weddings might be required to hold same-sex weddings in that facility.

As for teachers, they may eventually be required to “teach” children that homosexuality is normal, that gay marriage is a right, that abortion and contraception are rights, and who knows what else. Eventually, all political parties will be pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-same-sex marriage. Politicians simply won’t be able to join a party or get elected, if they oppose the majority view of society on these issues. They will be seen as haters, as if they were no different from a racist.

As for soldiers, it is already the case in the U.S. military, since the departure of the don’t-ask don’t-tell policy, that if a Christian soldier or chaplain expresses support for the Biblical view against same-sex marriage, he is discriminated against and threatened with charges. The military is moving in the direction of treating believing and practicing Christians like enemy combatants.

Sinful secular society has been moving towards a consensus decision, that conscientious objection to the socio-political policies of society must not be tolerated. Any religious objection is treated as if it were the violation of a right, or a type of unjust discrimination, or some kind of hate crime.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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