La Salette and the future of the Church

In my book about the secrets of La Salette, I relate my understanding of eschatology to the words of the Virgin Mary about the future. Here are some brief excerpts:

from the Introduction:

The Apocalypse = The Tribulation = The End Times
(These terms are synonymous and interchangeable.)

The sequence of events in the future of the Church, in my eschatology, is as follows:

a. The threshold of the tribulation (the years prior to World War 3).
b. The first part of the tribulation (from World War 3 in the 2010’s to early 2040).
c. The brief time of peace lasting about 25 years (2040 to about 2065).
d. A long time of gradually increasing sin and suffering in the world (late 21st to early 24th century).
e. The reign of the ten kings (early 24th century to early 25th century).
f. The reign of the Antichrist (in the early 25th century, beginning about 2430 A.D.).
g. The return of Jesus the true Christ.
h. A long time of peace and holiness on earth, during which Jesus is in Heaven, and the Church reigns over the whole world.
i. The return of Jesus for the general Resurrection and general Judgment, when God makes a new heaven and a new earth, which continue forever.

This sequence of events is supported by the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary at La Salette.

At La Salette, France, in September of 1846, the Virgin Mary appeared to two children, Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat, and gave them an explanation of future world events. This was kept secret for a time, then later revealed to all through publication. The secrets given to the two children are very different. Some parts of the secrets are given in a veiled manner, so that one can only understand with faith and with some time, effort, and thought. The arrogant will not be able to understand or to believe, for Scripture says: “He will direct the mild in judgment. He will teach the meek his ways.” (Psalms 24:9).

from the secrets to Maximin at La Salette:

4. “The pope who will come after this one will not be roman.”

The Pope referred to here is the next Pope after the conversion of all the Protestant Churches to the Catholic faith. So there will be one Pope who guides all Christians into one Church, in the late 2010’s and the early 2020’s. But another Pope will complete the process, and guide the united Church. This latter Pope “will not be Roman”.

Unification occurs from mid-2020 to late 2023; this non-Roman Pope will be elected in 2022. He will not be a Roman Catholic; he will be one of the converts from a Protestant denomination and he will be a member of one of the new branches of the Catholic Church (for the Church will have 7 divisions within unity at that time). Thus, as all the Protestant Churches are being united in faith and leadership with the Catholic Church, there will be elected a Pope who is not from the Latin or Eastern Rites and who was not a Catholic for most of his life.

This Pope will be Catholic, since at that time all of the Protestant Churches will have united with the Catholic Church, but he will not be ‘Roman’ because he will be from one of the new parts of the Church which came from the Protestant Churches. At that time, the Church will be reorganized into seven parts, one part from the Latin (or Roman) Rite of the Catholic Church, one part for all the Eastern Churches, and five parts from the formerly-Protestant Churches. All parts of the one Church will be united in faith and leadership under one Pope.

The new parts of the Catholic Church, which came from the Protestant Churches and the Eastern Churches, will retain many aspects of their way of worshipping God and of following Christ. Yet they will accept the authority of the Pope, and all of the teachings of the one holy Catholic Church. Many of the leaders from the Protestant Churches will become leaders in the Catholic Church alongside leaders from every part of the Church, alongside Roman Catholic leaders of the Church.

from the secrets to Melanie at la Salette:

4. “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! God is going to exhaust His wrath, and no one will be able to take himself away from so many afflictions combined.”

No one will be able to take himself away, by means of his own ability and resources, from so many combined afflictions as will occur during the first part of the tribulation (in our generation). But some persons might be able to avoid some of these afflictions by being protected by God. What no individual can do by his own power, God can do by His omnipotent power.

We should make prudent preparations for the tribulation (which is very near now). But we must not imagine that all our preparations will exempt us from having to carry our crosses, especially during the time period in which God has decided to visit His wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth. Notice the universality of that expression — the inhabitants of the earth — not some inhabitants, not only the most sinful, not only the non-Christians, but rather the entire human race. The good will suffer with the bad; the saint will suffer with the sinner. No amount of preparation or prayer will keep anyone from suffering, at least to some extent.

The Virgin Mary is referring to the afflictions of the seven seals from the book of Revelation. The first six seals and the first six trumpets of the seventh seal all occur during the first part of the tribulation, beginning in the 2010’s (as early as 2013 or as late as 2016) and ending in early 2040. During that time, God will send one affliction after another upon the earth. However, at a certain point in time (at the end of World War 4), certain faithful persons will be given the Seal of the Living God (Rev 7:2). And these persons will be protected from the remaining afflictions, even though those afflictions are very severe. These persons will still suffer in various ways, but they will also have the special protection of God, so that they can guide the Church during the worst of the worst of these sufferings.

The Virgin Mary here uses expressions similar to those found in Revelation. ” ‘Woe, Woe, Woe, to the inhabitants of the earth, from the remaining voices of the three Angels, who will soon sound the trumpet!’ ” (Rev 8:13). The three woes are the fifth, sixth, and seventh trumpets of the seventh seal. The seventh seal is divided into seven trumpets (Rev 8:1-2); the last three trumpets are the three woes. Two of these three woes will occur at the end of the first part of the tribulation, from about 2038 to early 2040.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

The Secrets of La Salette and the End Times — 2013 edition
available in print and in Kindle format.

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  1. Matt says:


    What do you think will happen with the Mormon Church during the tribulations?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t think it will survive the first part of the tribulation. They do not have a valid Sacrament of Baptism, and their official teachings are perhaps very different from what most practicing Mormons believe (individual believers becoming gods, no eternal god, different gods over each planet, etc.). Most Mormons will convert and become Christians within the next ten years.

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