Is Pope Francis a living Saint?

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In other words, is Pope Francis not only a valid and holy Pope, but holy enough that he will likely have a successful cause for canonization (in the relatively distant future) after his passing? The Poll above has several options; click through to see them and vote.

In my view, Pope Francis is a valid and holy Pope, so holy that he may well become a canonized Saint in our lifetime. Some conservative Catholics barely submit to his authority; they struggle with his every action and word because they see him as a liberal, pope-francis-600and they imagine that Catholicism and Conservatism are identical. But I say that Pope Francis, like Pope Saint John 23, is liberal, orthodox, and holy. And in his love for the poor of the world and his own practice of humility and poverty, I recognize the holiness of the Saints, which is the holiness of Christ.

Now suppose that Pope Francis makes some decisions during his pontificate that some might judge to be imprudent or to cause more harm than good. Even if that evaluation of the Pope’s prudential decisions were true, it does not imply that he is an invalid Pope. Nor does it imply that he is not a Saint.

Pope Saint Celestine V was a holy monk and hermit, who was elected Pope (after the Church suffered for about 2 years without a pope). Yet he resigned after several months because of his many (some would say) imprudent decisions as Pope. Read about his life at the online version of the old Catholic Encyclopedia here. He is a canonized Saint despite a nearly universal agreement that he made many mistakes in his administrative and prudential decisions.

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