The Miraculous Healings of Jesus — Then and Now

Jesus healed many persons, all of them sinners. But He did not heal persons unrepentant from grave sin. He did not heal the unrepentant Pharisees and Herodians. As for those He did heal, they were still mortal sinners, able to be injured or to fall ill, at a later time. And eventually each one died in his turn.

Some may ask, “Why doesn’t Jesus, who is God, still heal persons today?” Certainly He does. The miracles used by the Church to verify the sanctity of persons with causes for canonization are often healing miracles. And those miracles are obtained by ordinary sinners, praying for the intercession of the future Saint.

But healing miracles are relatively rare today, despite the presence of over a billion Catholic Christians in the world, because people are lacking in faith, prayer, self-denial, and especially true love of God and neighbor.

Most Catholics have fallen away from the Church. Yet many of these fallen Catholics still attend Mass. How do I know that they have fallen away? They don’t go to Confession.

Most Catholics do not consider the Magisterium and the Pope to be their teacher. They put their own understanding above the teaching of Jesus through His Church. Alarmingly, most teachers of the Catholic Faith — theologians, lay teachers, and various Catholic online commentators — are teaching grave error with the claim that it is official doctrine or sound theology.

How can the Church be saved when the vast majority of teachers and members have fallen away — many while still claiming to be Catholic? The great apostasy has a role in solving this problem. Pope Francis will teach truths from Christ, liberal truths, and many conservatives will fall away. Then his conservative successor to the papacy will teach truths from Christ, conservative truths, and many liberals will fall away. The Church will become smaller and holier.

During this time, God will strike humanity with the Warning (the illumination of consciences), showing each one the sins on his or her conscience. These events will purify the Church.

But during the same time period, the apocalypse unfolds, causing inestimable suffering. The Church is purified during this time of suffering; it is a type of Passion and Crucifixion for the Church.

Then, as a help during the early part of this suffering, God will give the world the gift of the Miracle of Garabandal, which is the same as the third secret of Medjugorje. The Miracle occurs in three parts:

1. millions of persons throughout the world will be miraculously healed
2. as a result, hundreds of millions of persons — unbelievers and those weak in faith — will be converted
3. then Permanent Signs will be left at the many places of true private revelation in the world. These miraculous signs will remain until the General Resurrection (in the very very distant future).

The Miracle will be undeniable, since millions will be miraculously cured. Everyone will know someone who is cured.

But many wicked unrepentant persons will try to deny or explain away all these events. One approach will be to try to disconnect formal religion, esp. Catholicism, from these events. They might try to explain it away using some type of specious appeal to psychology or physics or by means of some type of vaguely-spiritual explanation. Their goal will be to reject Christianity, because the teaching of Christianity condemns the sins of modern society. Those sinners who refuse to change their ways must reject Christianity. For true faith in God is incompatible with grave sin.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

The Secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal Revealed
available in print (paperback) and in Kindle format

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