World War 3 and the Next Supreme Leader of Iran

According to a recent news story, the current Supreme Leader of Iran — a position of both religious and political power — is frail and ill. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s health issues have led to speculation on his successor.

For some time now, in my eschatology, I’ve been predicting that the current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, will be the next Supreme Leader, that he will be both President and Supreme Leader at the same time. That level of power in Iran would be unprecedented. But Rouhani has ambitions for power, in Iran and in the world, that cannot be satisfied by a term or two as President.

As a Twelver, Rouhani believes that the Islamic end times are near, including an apocalyptic war in which all who refuse to convert to Islam are killed. The leaders of Iran further believe that Iran has a special role in the end times, to lead the other Islamic nations in a major world war against the West. See this article at Foxnews.

But to start such a war, Rouhani needs two things: nuclear weapons and more political power. I believe that Iran’s nuclear program is continuing in secret, and that Iran is close to obtaining enough weapon-grade uranium for several nukes. As for political power, the President of Iran does not have sufficient political power to start a major war with the West. Rouhani would need to be Supreme Leader in order to carry out that ambition.

I’ve speculated, in my book On World War 3 and World War 4, that the current Supreme Leader, Khamenei, might die of natural causes. “But if the timing is particularly beneficial to President Hassan Rouhani, the cause could be an assassination. As President and a member of the Assembly of Experts, Rouhani would be in a favorable position to take his place, boosting his power (and that of his supporters) immensely.” Now that Khamenei is ill, Rouhani could more easily assassinate him by making his death seem like natural causes.

But however, Khamenei dies, I’m convinced that Rouhani will be the next Supreme Leader of Iran. Once that happens, Iran moves one large step closer to starting World War 3.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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