Weekend Q and A (10-11-14)

You can use the comments in this post to ask me questions on Catholic doctrine or discipline, including any topic discussed in my books and past posts and articles. Please avoid argumentative questions. Only ask me a question if you are sincerely seeking the truth from my answer. Also, do not expect me to comment on the writings or ideas of other authors. These Q and A sessions are for general information on Catholicism and clarification of any topics in my writings.

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6 Responses to Weekend Q and A (10-11-14)

  1. Matt says:

    Do you think that there will be a supernatural sense of the faithful (sensus fidelium) that the Warning will soon occur?

    • Ron Conte says:

      The “sensus fidelium” is the mind of the faithful. It is not a supernatural intuition. The sensus fidelium is the common understanding of faithful Christians on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. It is not infallible, as the ordinary and universal Magisterium is.

  2. Matt says:

    What is your opinion on Cardinal Dolan still agreeing to being grand marshall for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, after a group is allowed displaying a gay identity banner?

    • Ron Conte says:

      It’s a judgment of the prudential order. He is not doing anything intrinsically evil. He has to judge the circumstances, to avoid doing more harm than good. I don’t think he is morally required not to participate.

  3. Bobby says:

    Would be interested in your opinion of the Synod’s interim report (linked below).


    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t want to read the whole report; it is long and not very interesting (theologically). Many of the comments in the report highlighted by the press are not teachings, but an expression of concern for sinners in various situations, and an appreciation for the good found in persons despite their sins.

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