The Warning from God in 2016

In several of my published eschatology books in 2013, I predicted that the Warning from God (revealed by the visionaries of Garabandal) will occur on Good Friday, March 25th in 2016. The event is a supernatural illumination of conscience given to all souls on earth, to show them the sins that still remain on their conscience. The event is also the first secret of Medjugorje. The goal of this act of God is repentance from sin. But all human persons have free will. They can repent or refuse to repent. The event is NOT a judgment of each person’s entire life, and it does not show them all the sins of their life, but only the sins that remain on their conscience.

The next event, which I have termed “the Consolation”, occurs on Easter Sunday, 27 March 2016. This event gives supernatural consolation to all who truly repented on the day of the Warning. I term this second event “the Day of Repentance”. This event is also the second secret of Medjugorje.

The third event in this same time period occurs weeks later, on 12 May 2016, the feast of Blessed Imelda, a young martyr of the Eucharist. That day is also the vigil of the Feast of our Lady of Fatima. The event is called the Miracle of Garabandal. It is also the third secret of Medjugorje. On that day, millions of sick and injured persons throughout the world will be miraculously healed by God. Many unbelievers will convert. Many heretics will repent. And Permanent Signs will be left by an act of God at the sites of true private revelations throughout the world.

I have been writing about these three events, within increasing specificity, since my first book of eschatology, The Bible and the Future, published in its first edition in 1998. My unique insights into these events include the above stated dates, the identification of Blessed Imelda as the young martyr of the Eucharist mentioned by our Lady at Garabandal, the insight that the Warning and Miracle are the same as the events of the first and third secrets of Medjugorje, and the identification of the event of the second secret of Medjugorje as a “Day of Consolation” given to those who sorrow over their sins, with true contrition, in response to the Warning a couple of days earlier. It is also unique to my work to have identified the years 2000 to 2040 as “The Forty Years” pertaining to the tribulation.

My work in eschatology spans 7 books and several booklets, listed here. All these are and have long been available at My work in theology includes 19 books and 14 booklets so far (with more on the way). I also have translated the entire Latin Vulgate Bible into English and have produced my own edit of the Latin Bible.

So it upsets me when my hard work over many years is “borrowed” by other authors without proper attribution.

Be advised that some persons have plagiarized and distorted my work in eschatology, adopting my dates and some portions of my description of these events. Some even claim that they received this information from a private revelation from Heaven. But when I consider the rest of the material claimed to be a heavenly revelation, it contradicts the teachings of the Catholic Faith, as well as the writings of the Saints about the future. So I don’t believe that their messages are from God at all. Please do not purchase this type of writing in eschatology, thereby providing financial gain to false visionaries. And do not equate my work to theirs.

In particular, I pains me to point out that the author of a soon-to-be published book, After The Warning 2016, has apparently taken numerous points from my eschatology, including many specific dates and events, and incorporated them into his work, along with the claim that he has received private revelation on these matters. I’ll be interested to see whether he has given proper attribution to me, in the form of quotations and footnotes, or not.

Thanks to all the readers who have and who continue to support my work in theology and specifically in eschatology. I believe that the tribulation will begin very soon, most likely with the event of the Warning itself.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

Please take a look at this list of my books and booklets, and see if any topic interests you.

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5 Responses to The Warning from God in 2016

  1. jbbt9 says:

    Is 2016 a better fit than 2017.
    Obviously 13th May 2017 would be the COMPLETION of 100 years from first apparition,
    whereas 13th May 2016 is the START of the 100 year anniv.
    Does Bl. Imelda’s feast date not work so well in 2017
    or what other factors rule against 2017

    • Ron Conte says:

      May 13th in 2017 is a Saturday. Mary said that the Miracle of Garabandal occurs on a Thursday, on the feast of a young martyr of the Eucharist. Blessed Imelda died on May 12th, at the vigil Mass for May 13th. The Miracle occurs on Thursday, May 12th, 2016, in the evening, which is the vigil for the Feast of our Lady of Fatima (May 13).

  2. jbbt9 says:

    Appreciate that clarification Ron. Thank you.
    God bless

  3. Michael says:

    Have you considered Thursday April 13, 2017? The feast of St Hermenegild.

    • Ron Conte says:

      He’s not a young martyr of the Eucharist. Blessed Imelda is patroness of first Communions. She died immediately after receiving holy Communion.

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