booklet: Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium

I’ve just published my booklet:
Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium

These three sources of truth — Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium — are the three pillars on which the Roman Catholic faith rests. The faithful are guided in their journey toward Heaven by the Divine Revelation of Sacred Tradition and the Divine Revelation of Sacred Scripture, and the divinely-assisted teaching authority of the Church.

Table of Contents
1: Sacred Tradition
2: Sacred Scripture
3: The Magisterium
4: Doctrine versus Discipline
5: Liturgical Norms
6: Rules and Rulings
7: Can Dissent Be Faithful?
8: Modern-day Pharisees
9: From the Old Testament to the New
10: Transfiguration of the Covenant
11: The Letter versus the Spirit

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