My Predictions for the Year 2015

As always, my eschatology is speculative and fallible. The field of eschatology is generally highly speculative, as it concerns possible events and their dates in the future of the Church. My predictions are based on many years of research and writing in this subject area, but I have been wrong before and I suppose I will be wrong again. For your consideration, then, these are my predictions for 2015:

* Pope Francis will continue to be the sole valid Roman Pontiff of the one true Church.

* Pope Francis will issue magisterial documents teaching truths which are found in Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, and which are contrary to the false conclusions and rash assumptions of many conservatives and traditionalists. These controversial teachings of Pope Francis may include:
— that the Church has the authority to ordain women to the diaconate (solely)
— that non-Catholic Christians, non-Christian believers, and non-believers can be saved without converting

* Pope Francis will also issue judgments under the temporal authority of the Church which will upset conservatives and traditionalists. These controversial decisions of Pope Francis may include:
— that married men may become priests in the Latin Rite
— allowing more flexibility in liturgical form

* As a result, many conservative and traditionalist Catholics will falsely accuse Pope Francis of heresy, and they will depart from the Church.

I expect this crisis in the Church to develop over a period of months, and to reach an apex in the autumn of 2015, at the time of the Synod. The XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops is scheduled to be held October 4 to 25 in 2015. This Synod will mark the 50th anniversary of the Synod of Bishops.

According to my research in Biblical chronology, the Ministry of Jesus Christ began with His Baptism in the Jordan on October 4th of the year AD 15. So the Synod begins exactly on the 2000th anniversary of the start of the Ministry of Christ. I expect Pope Francis, in conjunction with that Synod, to teach controversial doctrines and to issue controversial decisions on discipline at that time.

When Jesus taught, He did not always tell the people what they wanted to hear. He preached the Gospel in season and out of season. But many Catholics today gather to themselves teachers who teach only that their audience wishes to hear. When the Church, under Pope Francis, begins to teach certain few doctrines considered “out of season” by conservatives, they will reject the Pope and depart from communion with the Church. So begins the great apostasy.

The year 2016 will see the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal, and subsequently the start of the tribulation.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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