Parable of a Catholic School

I propose a special school as a way to teach the Catholic Christian Faith. Here is the plan for the school:

1. The school will have a set of written official teachings as a guide for the teachers.

2. Even so, all teachers may teach whatever ideas they wish, ignoring the official teachings.

3. Any teacher can claim that any idea is the official school teaching, even if it is not; and they can claim that their own opinion is consistent with the official teaching, when it is not.

4. Each class will have several teachers, who teach in contradiction to one another all at the same time.

5. Any student can take over a class and teach in contradiction to the official teachings.

6. Multiple students can teach at the same time, alongside multiple teachers, and there need be no agreement among them.

7. Teachers and students need no qualifications to teach and may say whatever they wish, and they may even teach anonymously, by wearing a mask while speaking.

8. Even though the school will have official written teachings, no one is required to agree. Anyone who rejects or misrepresents the official teachings will be permitted to continue teaching.

9. There shall be no penalty if a teacher or student teaches contrary to the official teachings, no matter how much harm is done by their false teachings.

10. Teachers (and students who decide to teach) can encourage students to commit grave sins, by telling them, falsely, that these acts are not sins and are approved by the official teachings, without correction or penalty.

11. The school shall have an official rule that teachers and students who gravely contradict official teachings will be automatically fired and expelled, but this rule shall never be enforced.

12. Teachers and students who make false claims about the official teachings and who teach whatever the students wish to hear will be praised and rewarded.

How does this sound as a plan for teaching the Catholic Faith? Do you think that students who attend this school will receive a proper education in faith, morals, and salvation? Would you like to attend this school?

This is not a hypothetical. This school exists. It is the Catholic Church today.

Anyone who wishes to do so steps forward and claims to be teaching the Catholic faith. All the teachers contradict one another, and there seems to be no agreement, even when the Magisterium has a clear official teaching. It is commonplace for various teachers to radically reinterpret Church teaching, to arrive at any conclusion they wish.

Moreover, persons who have a very poor understanding of Catholicism, who are essentially just misguided students, are using the internet to teach false doctrine, including abject heresy, and to claim that grave sins are moral and justifiable under Catholic teaching. All this is done under the guise of presenting Church teaching and sound theology.

Few persons even attempt to correct this false teachers and student-teachers, and they never accept correction in any case.

The Church has a penalty of automatic excommunication for formal heresy and formal schism, but this penalty is mostly ignored. Many teachers and students spread false doctrine, including heresies, without any penalty, without even a verbal correction from the Bishops or the Holy See.

When the faithful see such multiplicity of teachers, presenting contradictory explanations of the Faith, they do not know whom to believe. They tend to accept whichever teacher tells them what they want to hear. For every teacher who tells them the hard truths of the Faith, there are several dozen who offer a radical reinterpretation that justifies sin and allows the listener to believe whatever he likes.

As a result, the vast majority of Catholics commit objective mortal sin frequently without repentance and adhere continually to multiple heresies without realizing it.

Whenever someone points out that a popular teacher is presenting heresy while claiming that this heresy is official Church teaching or sound theology, the faithful do not seem to care. As long as the teacher pleases them, they don’t mind heresy and various lesser errors on faith and morals.

God’s plan to solve this problem:
1. Pope Francis will issue controversial teachings and rulings, and those uncorrectable conservatives who disagree will depart from the Church. [date: October 2015]
2. The Warning will show everyone the sins on their conscience, bringing many to repentance. [date: Good Friday 2016]
3. The next Pope (after Francis resigns) will be very conservative. His teachings and rulings will offend the uncorrectable liberals, who will also depart from the Church. [date: beginning in 2016 or 2017]

Thus, the one holy Church will be purified of many false teachers and uncorrectable students. The Church will quickly become much holier and much smaller.

[James 3]
{3:1} My brothers, not many of you should choose to become teachers, knowing that you shall receive a stricter judgment.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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