The Warning and The Second Coming

The Warning, also called the illumination of consciences, is an event predicted in the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Garabandal. During this event, every human person will be shown the sins still remaining on their consciences (unrepented sins). And everyone will be offered the grace of God to repent and convert. Many will repent in great sorrow. Many others will refuse the grace of repentance. But all sinners will be shown their unrepented sins.

The Warning on Good Friday of 2016 will be followed by the Consolation on Easter Sunday of 2016, and the Miracle of Healing on May 12th of 2016. These three events are a blessing from God on humanity. The Warning blesses the soul, the Consolation blesses the spirit, the Miracle blesses the body. These three events strengthen all persons of good will throughout the world in preparation for the tribulation.

The tribulation begins with World War 3 (the first of the four horseman) later in 2016. Severe civil unrest, famine, and death from a variety of causes (and the fear of death) follow as the second, third, and fourth horsemen.

The tribulation is divided into two parts: the first part begins with World War 3 in 2016, and ends with the Three Days of Darkness in March of 2040. Many terrible events, causing immense suffering, intervene between the first and last events of the first part of the tribulation.

Then there is a brief time of peace and rebuilding lasting about 25 years. Subsequently, the world slips into greater and greater sinfulness and disorder. This inter-tribulation period culminates with the kingdom of the ten kings in the 24th century A.D.

The second part of the tribulation takes place in the early 25th century (2430’s) A.D. Only then does the Antichrist rise to power and have his reign of nearly seven years. Only then, after the end of the Antichrist’s reign, does Jesus the true Christ return in His Second Coming.

So the Warning of Garabandal (which is the first secret of Medjugorje) is the beginning of a long process eventually leading to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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  1. hopeful_watcher says:

    You are very precise with your dates. For example, you predict three days of darkness in the month of March twenty five years from now. How do you come by such predictions with such a precision?

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