The Warning as a Foreshadowing of the Last Day

The return of Jesus occurs hundreds of years from now. We are NOT living in the time of the Antichrist, nor in the time of the return of Jesus to this earth. The end of the world is in the distant future.

However, we are living at the very beginning of the end times. The end times, or apocalypse, or tribulation, as it is variously called, occurs in two parts: the first part of the tribulation (also called the lesser tribulation) and the second part of the tribulation (also called the greater tribulation). Between these two parts lies an inter-tribulation period:

First part of the tribulation: 2016 to 2040 A.D.
Inter-tribulation period: 2040 to 2430 A.D.
Second part of the tribulation: 2430 to 2437 A.D.

The first part of the tribulation begins in 2016, with World War 3 (a war between Islamic extremists and the West). But a certain set of events precedes the tribulation, just as an Author’s Foreword precedes the first chapter of a book. Among these preparatory events are three blessings from God:

1. The Warning of Garabandal (which is also the first secret of Medjugorje)
2. The Consolation (second secret of Medjugorje)
3. The Miracle of Garabandal (third secret of Medjugorje)

The Warning occurs on Good Friday (March 25th) of 2016. The Consolation follows a couple of days later on Easter Sunday. The Miracle occurs on May 12th of 2016. I discovered the dates of these events by my study of eschatology. But as I have erred in the past about predicted dates and events, I cannot be certain. Even so, most Catholics have not heard about these events, nor about my predicted dates. These events will overtake the world and the Church unexpectedly, much like the flood of Noah or the return of Jesus:

{24:37} And just as in the days of Noah, so also will be the advent of the Son of man.
{24:38} For it will be just as it was in the days before the flood: eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, even until that day when Noah entered into the ark.
{24:39} And they did not realize it, until the flood came and took them all away. So also will the advent of the Son of man be.
{24:40} Then two men will be in a field: one will be taken up, and one will be left behind.
{24:41} Two women will be grinding at a millstone: one will be taken up, and one will be left behind.
{24:42} Therefore, be vigilant. For you do not know at what hour your Lord will return.

When the Warning occurs, each person will find himself alone before his conscience, and God will illuminate each conscience to show each person the unrepented sins of his life. This event does NOT show us all of the sins of our life; that experience occurs only at the particular judgment immediately after death. Only the sins still on our conscience are illuminated by this event. So if you have repented from your sins, and been forgiven in Confession, you are not shown those sins at the Warning.

The Warning lasts only a fraction of an hour. But the whole world and the Church will be dramatically changed as a result.

{24:42} Therefore, be vigilant. For you do not know at what hour your Lord will return.
{24:43} But know this: if only the father of the family knew at what hour the thief would arrive, he would certainly keep vigil and not permit his house to be broken into.
{24:44} For this reason, you also must be prepared, for you do not know at what hour the Son of man will return.

In comparing the Warning to the Return of Jesus, there are some differences. We can know the day and hour of the Warning. So we can keep vigil and not permit this event to overwhelm us. Those who are unprepared, who are immersed in many grave sins, might not repent at the time of the Warning. For that event offers every sinner a unique opportunity to repent and convert. But those who prepare with prayer and self-denial and frequent confessions will be much more thoroughly disposed to take advantage of this opportunity.

As the Bible says about the last days, one will be taken up and one will be left behind. This is not a description of the so-called rapture (a Protestant error, not a Catholic doctrine). It is a description of the differences among human persons in their response to the end times. Some find salvation despite these sufferings, and others do not.

When the Warning occurs, two human persons will be working at some task, and one will respond to the Warning with repentance, while the other will not. Some Catholics will become much holier and more faithful as a result of the Warning, and others will reject this gift and fall into graver sins. The Warning will divide people into those of good will, and those who are unrepentant from grave sin.

Prepare your soul. Examine your conscience frequently. Go to Confession at least once a month. Increase the time you spend in prayer. Practice self-denial in all things. Find the worst sins of your life and rid yourself of them now, prior to the Warning. For when that event occurs, there will be little time left before the start of the apocalypse.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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