Who Will Be Healed on the Day of the Miracle?

The Miracle is an event predicted by the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary given at Garabandal. The Miracle includes miraculous healings of many persons, as well as a permanent sign left at the site of the apparitions at Garabandal. The apparitions at Medjugorje also promised permanent signs at those places. I have concluded that these permanent signs will be placed at sites of true private revelation throughout the world.

But the Miracle itself is the sudden miraculous healing of millions of persons throughout the world, all on the same day. In my understanding, that day is May 12th of 2016.

Who will be healed? Not every person who is sick or injured will be healed. There are no guarantees for anyone that they will be healed on that day. However, the Warning and Consolation precede the Miracle for a reason.

The Warning on Good Friday of 2016 calls every one of us poor sinners to repentance. If the Miracle occurred first, then far fewer persons would be healed. The soul is more important than the body. God will generally not heal someone who is an unrepentant sinner. So those who repent on the day of the Warning, and who are consoled on Easter Sunday, two days later, at the Consolation, will be much more likely to be healed on the day of the Miracle.

But how do you know if you will repent at the Warning? God is always willing to give us the grace to repent from any and all sins. But if you wish to be more certain that you will repent — for repentance depends on free will — examine your conscience frequently in the months before the Warning. Then go to Confession at least once a month, and obtain the forgiveness of God. Then, when the Warning occurs, you will be well-prepared to repent even more thoroughly.

Repentant sinners, especially those who no longer commit any grave sins, are more likely to be healed on the day of the Miracle. Persons who are unrepentant from grave sin are very unlikely to be healed.

Consider your sinfulness. Set aside all excuses and rationalizations. Repent now, and be forgiven by God. Then you will be well-prepared to receive the blessings of the Warning, the Consolation, and the Miracle in 2016.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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