Fr. Zlatko Sudac visited Medjugorje

One of the members of my discussion group ( visited Medjugorje recently. He was there from August 5th to 12th. He reports:

On one day I asked my local guide if she knew of Fr. Zlatko Sudac. Not only did she know him but she was speaking with him in Medjugorje on the previous evening. She stated that he was there on a private visit.

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In my eschatology, I’ve identified Fr. Zlatko Sudac as the future Pope Raphael, the long-prophesied Angelic Shepherd. He will be elected as Pope during a great Ecumenical Council (mid-2028 to late 2032). He will lead the Church during the worst year of the first part of the tribulation, and during the start of the time of peace afterward.

Fr. Zlatko Sudac is the only person so far to have received the Seal of the Living God, described in Revelation chapter 7. As a result of this gift, he no longer commits any personal sins; this is accomplished by the prevenient grace of God. He also has many spiritual gifts and is a true Saint on earth.

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