Messages to Pedro Regis on the Papacy

This post contains a few of my interpretations of the private revelations given to visionary Pedro Regis at Anguera, Brazil by the Blessed Virgin Mary. I believe that his messages are truly from Heaven, just as the messages from Medjugorje and Garabandal are from Heaven. But unlike many other apparitions, the messages of Pedro Regis contain many eschatological elements.

Be careful what you believe. For some ignorant arrogant persons are already misinterpreting these message, so as to denounce Pope Francis, as if he were a false prophet, an antipope, or an imposter. Whosoever rejects Pope Francis, or any of his valid predecessors or successors, is guilty of the grave sin of schism.

The misuse of the true private revelations to Pedro Regis in order to support schismatic and heretical claims is harming souls. So I’ve decided to counter this distortion by presenting my own interpretation of the prophecies give to Pedro Regis by the Blessed Virgin Mary. My forthcoming book contains a long chapter on this topic. I will offer only a small subset of that chapter here:

First, I must advise the reader that any Catholic who, by a knowing and deliberate choice, denies or obstinately doubts any infallible teaching of the Magisterium (dogma) is guilty of formal heresy, and is automatically excommunicated. Similarly, any Catholic who, by a knowing and deliberate choice, rejects the authority of the Roman Pontiff, or communion with the body of Bishops united to him, is guilty of formal schism, and is automatically excommunicated. Publicly denouncing any valid Pope, including any of the Popes since John XXIII and Vatican II, including Pope Francis, includes the grave sin of scandal as well as the grave sin of schism. And schism is usually accompanied by multiple heresies.

Second, it is an infallible teaching of the ordinary and universal Magisterium that the Church is indefectible. No matter what any number of visionaries say in their messages, we may never interpret those prophecies to mean that the Church has ever, or will ever, go astray. And since the Pope is the head of the Church, he too is indefectible. He can err or sin in any number of different ways, but he can never commit apostasy, heresy, or schism. The Church has, in the past, been plagued by antipopes (false claimants to the papacy), but no such false pope has ever, or can ever, attain the position of Roman Pontiff, so as to lead astray all the dioceses and parishes of the world. God absolutely prevents such an event because the Church is the Body of Christ, enlivened by the Holy Spirit. The claim that the Church has ever or can ever go astray is tantamount to saying that Christ or the Spirit could go astray.

Submission to the authority of the Pope is required of all the faithful:

Saint Thomas Aquinas: “For it is revealed that subjection to the Roman Pontiff is from the necessity of salvation.” [opusc. contra errores Graec. fol. 9]

Pope Boniface VIII: “Moreover, that every human creature is to be subject to the Roman pontiff, we declare, we state, we define, and we pronounce to be entirely from the necessity of salvation.” (Unam Sanctam 9).

Fifth Lateran Council: “it arises from the necessity of salvation that all the faithful of Christ are to be subject to the Roman Pontiff, just as we are taught by the testimony of the divine Scriptures and of the holy Fathers”

All those who claim that the Pope and the body of Bishops have gone astray are guilty of schism, for rejecting their authority, and are guilty of formal heresy, for contradicting the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church.

Messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity to Pedro Regis

“Pray also, and above all, for the Church. A time of joy and sorrow is coming for the Church. The smoke of the Devil will arise in the house of God, but the light of the Lord will prevail. Courage.” (July 29, 2013)

Notice the figure used to represent how the fallen angels trouble the Church, smoke not fire nor anything destructive. The devil can only trouble the Church in limited ways, since the Church is indefectible. Smoke obscures one’s vision, so the implication is that many Catholics will be confused, for a time, as to what they should believe. But the Church is not destroyed, nor corrupted.

“Dear children, the lack of love for the truth will lead many of the consecrated to the abyss of apostasy. The Calvary of the Church will be painful.” (July 9, 2013)

The tribulation includes the great apostasy, as well as schism and heresy. Even many priests and some Bishops and Cardinals will break away from the true Church by rejecting the true Pope.

“Now is the time of a great battle. The weapons I offer you are: the Holy Rosary, the Holy Scripture, confession and the Eucharist… Jesus will give you the grace of victory… in the great and final tribulation.” (July 8, 2013)

So you can see from this message that the battle is the tribulation. And although the tribulation includes wars and rumors of wars, our weapons are the Sacraments and devotions of the Church. By the way, the saying “rumors of wars” from the Gospels indicates that some of the claimed wars predicted by false visionaries and foolish speculation never occur; they are rumors only. So you should not believe every claimed prophecy about a war or anything else. Some prophecies are true, and others are false.

“The future of the Church will be marked with a great division and a sad religious dictatorship.” (June 24, 2013)

The division refers to the approaching schism, in which many Catholics reject Pope Francis and many more reject his successor. The religious dictatorship refers to the false Church, set up by the schismatics, and led by an antipope. This antipope is elected AFTER the reigns of Pope Francis and his legitimate successor have ended. At that time, the true Church elects a true Pope, and the schismatics elect an antipope.

But since the Church is indefectible, the false pope and false church exist in competition to the true Church led by the true Pope. Never does any antipope, such as the Church has seen in the past, rule over all the dioceses and parishes of the world, nor over the true Church, nor from the throne of Saint Peter. The antipopes, as always in the past, will always be false claimants outside the true Church.

It is not contrary to the indefectibility of the Church to hold that, at some time in the future just as in the past, one antipope or another will rise up to try to found a new but false church. What is heretical and schismatic is the claim that Pope Francis, or any of his successors, are false or antipopes or imposters. The Church and Her head are indefectible. False popes and false churches can rise up from time to time, built on sand, soon to fall away. But no false pope or antipope can ever rule over the true Church, nor can the Church go astray.

Peter will encounter Judas in his way. Boulder on top of boulder. I ask you to intensify your prayers for the Church of my Jesus. The smoke of the devil has infiltrated the Church and blinded many of the consecrated… Have courage. Remain in the truth and defend it. After all the spiritual tribulation, victory will come. Go forward without fear.” (June 22, 2013)

Peter represents teach successive true Pope, including John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, his successor (a martyr Pope) and all their successors. Judas represents every antipope, but in particular the antipope who rises up after the martyrdom of Pope Francis’ successor. Notice what Mary says. Peter, the true Pope, has to deal with Judas, a prominent antipope. She does not say or imply that an antipope will take over the Church. And neither Mary nor Pedro Regis are accusing Pope Francis of being an antipope.

In fact, one of the messages says: “Before Jesus, pray for the Church. Pray for Pope Francis.” If he were not the true Pope, Mary would not say, in one breath, to pray for the Church and for Pope Francis. She clearly understands Pope Francis to be the true Pope over the true Church, before Jesus, who is Truth.

A successor of Peter is going to prepare the Church for the great victory. The Church will live moments of pain. It will be persecuted and many of the consecrated will suffer death. The Church will be purified by the suffering. The smoke of the devil has spread within it, causing the spiritual blindness of many of the consecrated.” (June 11, 2013)

These references to the “smoke of the devil” in no way imply that the Pope or the Church has been corrupted. Rather, the situation is that the members of the Church on earth are sinners. And at times more members of the Church are more sinful, as in the present day. The “consecrated” includes bishops, priests, deacons, and religious — persons who are consecrated by Holy Orders or holy vows. As the tribulation unfolds, the schism and the sufferings will cause many consecrated persons to lose heart and to fall away, for they did not prepare their souls sufficiently by prayer, self-denial, and works of mercy.

NEVER at any time, does the devil or any wicked human person take control of the one true Church on earth, neither as a spiritual institution, nor even in Her temporal form (the Holy See, dioceses, religious orders, parishes, etc.). The Church is the BODY of CHRIST. So it is absolutely certain that the Church can never be corrupted or go astray. She is the house built on the rock that is the Pope. Even the gates of Hell cannot prevail over Her. See Matthew 7:24-25 and 16:18.

“The Church of my Jesus will carry a heavy cross. Betrayal will touch the throne of Peter. The Holy Father will experience Calvary. Pray, pray, pray.” (June 9, 2013)

Notice the phrasing here. The Church carries a “heavy cross”, but She does not fail, nor is She stopped in her pilgrim journey in the Lord. And she says that some type of “betrayal will touch the throne of Peter”, but not that the throne will be corrupted, nor held by any type of imposter or false pope. Betrayal only “touches” the role of the Pope, which is too limited an expression to justify the claim of a false pope taking over the Church. What is this betrayal, touching upon the role of the Pope? It is the schism in which many persons depart from communion with Pope Francis and his successor. And it is the election, by the schismatics, of a false pope, who competes against the true Pope elected over the true Church.

Notice also that Mary says “The Holy Father” will suffer. She does not say that there will be no true pope on earth, nor that a false pope will take over the Church. The Church suffers, but is not corrupted. Betrayal only touches the office of Pope, in a limited way. And there is always a true Pope, the Holy Father, who guides the Church during this suffering.

A decision will be made and there will be great confusion in the palace (the Vatican). I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer because of what is coming for you. Remain firm in the faith. Stay with Jesus. Love and defend the Church. Whatever happens, do not forget: God above all. You still have long years of difficult trials. Courage.” (June 4, 2013)

The tribulation extends over many years: “long years of difficult trials”. Mary would not say “Love and defend the Church” if the Church is now or would ever be corrupted. The Church is indefectible, just as Mary is indefectible. For Mary is an image of the Church, and the Church is an image of Mary.

Mary does not say what the decision will be, which will cause confusion in the palace (meaning the papal residence). I suggest that the “decision” is not some type of false doctrine, for the Pope can never teach heresy. It must be either a decision on discipline, made by Pope Francis or by his conservative successor (or both). It certainly is possible for any Pope, even a Pope-Saint, to err in a matter of discipline. Pope Saint Celestine V made many errors in the realm of Church administration, and he resigned after only several months in office. Yet he is a Saint and a valid Pope. So do not become disheartened, if any Pope makes a decision which seems to be unwise. Perhaps you simply do not see the wisdom of the decision. But even if the decision is truly unwise, it does not imply that the Pope or the Church has gone astray.

There will also be confusion in the Vatican as the true valid papacy transitions from the current valid Pope (Francis) to his conservative successor, to the next successor (who reigns in opposition to an antipope). Pope Francis is liberal and his successor will be conservative. Many persons take a worldly view of the Faith, seeing it as liberal or conservative. In truth, some of Jesus Christ’s teachings could be considered very liberal, others very conservative, still others moderate. But perhaps we should not categorize teachings as liberal or conservative. It is simply truth.

“Dear children, St. Peter will direct his barque amidst great tempests.” (March 16, 2013)

Mary refers to the Pope using the term “Peter”, since every true Pope is a successor of Peter. But now she also says “Saint” Peter, indicating that these Popes who guide the Church during the tribulation are often Saints. In no way can this expression of Saint Peter guiding his ship (barque) amid the tempest of the tribulation be interpreted to mean that an imposter or antipope had taken over the true Church.

“The Barque of St. Peter is going to flounder, and there is going to be great confusion. Peter is the secret: there is your answer. Courage. Do not hold back. I love you and I will pray to my Jesus for you. Go forward with joy.” (March 5, 2013)

The word “flounder” means “to struggle with stumbling or plunging movements“. It does not imply that the ship which is floundering is sinking. So the expression Mary uses is limited. No failure or corruption of the Church, the Ark of Salvation, is implied.

Confusion occurs mainly because the members of the Church today are poorly catechized. And to make matters worse, their ignorance is compounded by arrogance. They do not accept the teachings of past Popes and Councils, so it is no surprise that they arrogantly reject one current Pope or the next. They assume that any ideas contrary to their own thinking and desires must be false.

Why does Mary say “Peter is the secret: there is your answer” to us? She would not say such a think if any Pope had gone astray from the true Faith. The secret to remaining faithful to Christ during these great difficulties is faithfulness to the Vicar of Christ, to each successive true Pope, regardless of whether he is liberal or conservative or traditionalist or whatever. No Pope can commit apostasy, heresy, or schism. No Pope can teach heresy, not even with a sincere but mistaken conscience. But Popes are sinners and they can err in a range of different ways. Remain faithful to each Pope, even though he — like each of us — is a fallen sinner. Then you will remain faithful to Jesus and Mary during the tribulation.

“Difficult days are coming for humanity. Now is a time of great and painful tribulations. Pray. Do not stop praying. The great ship (the Church) will face tempests never seen before. She will be encircled by enemies and many will leave her.” (March 2, 2013)

Well, what did you expect to happen during the tribulation? Christ had to suffer through His Passion and Crucifixion in order to enter into His glory. So also the Church must suffer.

The great apostasy occurs during the tribulation. The Church is plagued by many false teachers, heretics, and schismatics. Then also many Catholics leave the Faith entirely, no longer calling themselves Catholic or Christian. But the great ship of the Church can never sink. For She is the sole Ark of Salvation.

Much more in my next book, hopefully to be published later this month (Sept 2015).

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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