Women who claim to be ordained Catholic priests

This NPR news story is very telling: In Defiance Of The Church, Some Catholic Women Seek Priesthood. See the photo at the top of the story. The caption reads: “Rev. Caryl Johnson (center) oversees communion at St. Mary Magdalene Community in Drexel Hill, Pa., as parishioners Janet Hamm and Jim Kalb assist. Unlike most traditional Roman Catholic services, a gluten-free bread and alcohol-free wine are offered.”

A few points. First, the Church has infallibly taught that women cannot be ordained as priests or bishops because the Church has not been given that authority by Christ. So even if an ordained male Bishop (for some foolish reason) decided to attempt to ordain women priests, the Sacrament of Holy Orders would not be valid. And since women are not validly ordained as priests, they cannot validly absolve sins or consecrate the Eucharist.

Second, notice what happens when a group of persons rejects one important teaching, women cannot be priests. They immediately start rejecting other teachings, such as that the Eucharist must be wheat bread and grape wine. Of course, a woman cannot be a priest, so she cannot validly consecrate bread and wine. But even a Pope or Bishop cannot validly consecrate gluten-free bread (non-wheat bread) and alcohol-free wine. So they would not have a valid Eucharist even if an ordained male priest attempted the consecreation.

Third, take a look at the setting of the fake Mass in the photo: a table instead of an altar, no cross or crucifix (not sure what that thing is handing on the wall behind the table), no vestments for their fake priest, and two persons who are not even fake ordained stand beside the fake priestess taking much the same role as her. Everything falls apart, once the group rejects Catholic dogma and breaks away from the Church.

When the first Protestants broke away from the Church, they lost 5 of the 7 Sacraments. They only have valid Baptism and some valid Marriages. When the branch is separated from the vine, it withers.

Fourth, the heretical and schismatic group called “Roman Catholic Womenpriests” has only fake ordained 188 women around the world (according to the article). The group began in 2002. So in over a dozen years, they have ordained only a small number of women. The women of the true Roman Catholic Church are not flocking to that group in droves; it is only a trickle.


Currently, the Church does not ordain women as deacons, priests, or bishops. But the teaching of the Magisterium only forbids women being ordained as priests and bishops. Ordination to the diaconate is an open question. The Magisterium might decide that the Church does have the authority to ordain women deacons. A deacon has a very different role than a priest in the Church. So eventually, the one true Church could have women deacons.

Can the true Church ever have ordained women priests? Jesus did not give His Church the ability, nor the authority, to ordain women priests. So between the Ascension of Christ and His Return, the Church is entirely unable to ordain women priests and women bishops. And since the Pope must be an ordained Bishop, a woman cannot be Pope. But after Christ returns, we can faithfully speculate that He might possibly give the Church the ability and authority to ordain women priests (Rev 20:6).

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to Women who claim to be ordained Catholic priests

  1. Francisco says:

    It is a mortal sin. An offering which is not accepted by the Lord at all.

    [Leviticus 10]
    {10:1} And the sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, picking up their censers, placed fire in them and incense upon them, OFFERING IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD A STRANGE FIRE, SUCH AS WAS NOT INSTRUCTED OF THEM.

    [Numbers 3]
    {3:4} For Nadab and Abihu died without children, when they offered, in the sight of the Lord, a strange fire, in the desert of Sinai. And so, Eleazar and Ithamar exercised the priesthood in the sight of Aaron, their father.

    {26:61} Of these, Nadab and Abihu died, when they had offered strange fire before the Lord.

  2. Michael says:

    I shake my head at the comments I read that were posted with that article. Many suggesting they join the Lutheran church as “Catholic Lite”. They have no clue what the Mass is all about nor the central role of the Eucharist. I suspect that neither do these women “priests”. The transubstantiation simply does not happen in the Lutheran church nor whatever fake mass these women participate in.

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