Society and Support for LGBT causes

As my readers know well, I take a thoroughly Catholic view of all these LGBT issues in present day society. My views are not compatible with present-day political correctness, because I base my belief on the teachings of Jesus and His Church. But what I’d like to comment on here is the two types of support in society for all the various LGBT issues.

The first type is the person, straight or gay, who truly believe there is nothing wrong with gay relationships, gay marriage, gender identity changes, and whatever else is promoted under the LGBT banner. They don’t hold the human person to any exterior standard. Instead, whatever the person finds within himself by way of identity or behavior is seen as worthy of approval. I don’t agree with this point of view, but these persons generally seem to me to be sincere.

So what is the second type of LGBT supporter? The disingenuous supporter, who only agrees with a particular point of view when it is perceived as the majority view, or the majority view in that person’s peer group (e.g. liberals). This type of person is against gay marriage when that is the majority view, and in favor once the majority view changes. Not so many years ago, about 30% of Americans favored gay marriage, and in a more recent poll about 60% favor it. I suppose that about half of that 60% changed their minds from against to in favor only because the culture changed its mind.

Many people are heavily influenced by their culture. When the culture says global warming is one of our biggest issues, it become one of their biggest issues. When the culture says to support gay marriage, they enthusiastically support it. When the culture decides that gender identity changes are wonderful, they immediately think so too. What percentage of the citizenry is so easily influenced? At least a third, maybe more.

A different example of this type of “fair weather friend” to the LGBT cause is found in the many corporations loudly proclaiming their support for gay marriage. I don’t think any large companies publicly supported gay marriage until the idea had a large body of popular support, starting in the run-up to the 2008 election (when it was a major issue). And only once the issue had majority support, a few years later, many companies started publicly supporting same-sex marriage.

What will happen when the majority view changes back to opposing gay marriage? I suspect that the majority of corporate supporters of the issue will fall silent. A few of the more liberal companies (Google, Apple) might still support it. But if the support for that issue (or any other social issue) falls below a certain level of support in society, corporate support falls away.

What would happen if supporting LGBT issues, or any other cause, were detrimental to the bottom line of these corporations? I’m pretty sure all their support would disappear overnight.

Will society change its mind about LGBT issues?

The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle will have a profound positive effect on society. But since the Warning only shows persons their sins according to their own conscience, not every mistaken opinion will be corrected in every person. I think that the effect of the Warning will be sufficient to change the majority opinion on abortion, gay marriage, and perhaps some other issues. But a sizeable percent of the population will still be on (what I as a Catholic consider to be) the wrong side of a number of issues.

Over time, the situation might improve, or it might worsen. People have free will, and God is not willing to violate that gift. So we cannot expect these types of issues to ever disappear, until Christ returns.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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