What will you do IF Pope Francis decides….?

What will you do if Pope Francis decides to do any or all of the following:

1. allows the divorced and remarried to receive Communion
2. allows gay couples to receive Communion
3. allows any baptized Catholic to receive Communion on the basis of their own judgment of conscience
4. teaches that women can be ordained as deacons, and allows their ordination
5. appoints lay women as Cardinals
6. decides that parishes may not refuse to baptize the children of gay couples
7. teaches that atheists and non-Christian believers can be saved without converting

I don’t know what Pope Francis will decide at the Synod. It’s a hypothetical. The question is essentially this: Will you leave the Church, or accuse Pope Francis of heresy, or decide that he is not a valid Pope? He’s not going to change and become a conservative. Can you stand to be in a Church led by a liberal Pope?

In your opinion, can a Pope ever possibly commit the sin of heresy or teach material heresy?

Readers, please post your response in the comments below.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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24 Responses to What will you do IF Pope Francis decides….?

  1. Francisco says:

    for #7. Anyone in state of grace go to Heaven, non-Christians and atheists will go to Purgatory first to learn and know abut Jesus according to the level of their venial sins or ignorance.

    • Jeff says:

      Semantics aside, the above intellectual dialogue is a refreshing read, and it is nice to see references to the catechism, a book we would all do well to become more familiar with. Personally, I choose simplicity. I am not the smartest church goer, but I do my best to try and understand the teachings of the church. One of my pastors, who was my spiritual director, was found to be a long time sex offender who fled the parish and went into hiding. It took time, but I forgave him and have kept my faith. Not everyone in the parish did this, and irreparable damage was done to otherwise good people. My point lies in simplicity: attend mass, go to confession regularly and often, pray the rosary often, forgive often. Listen to the Holy Father and obey, rolling with the punches; we are in for quite a ride, but the blessed mother will help us through it.

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