Eventually, there will be no Catholic hospitals or schools

Roman Catholic teaching is based on infallible and unchangeable Divine Revelation (Tradition and Scripture). So the Church cannot change Her teachings to suit the changing mores of sinful secular society. Some false teachers will always try to distort or radically reinterpret Church teaching, usually in order to conform to society. But ultimately they will always fail. For the Church is indefectible.

Society changes its teachings. The culture has seemingly definitive teachings, which it insists are absolutely undeniably true — pseudo-dogmas, I call them — yet these are in a constant state of flux. The culture, more and more as time passes, seeks to impose its false dogmas on everyone, regardless of their own understanding, free will, and religious beliefs.

Society is moving toward ever greater approval and promotion of grave sins, especially sins pertaining to sexuality. But the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church will not change, in this or any other subject area — except that the Church will proclaim the truth ever more clearly as time passes. Society is pressuring the Church to replace Her religious dogmas with the secular dogmas of a gravely disordered society. The secular culture and the holy Catholic Church are on a collision course.

Jesus said: “And you will be hated by all nations for the sake of my name.” (Mt 24:9). This teaching implies that the Church will not initially succeed in converting the world. Eventually, all nations — every secular culture and society on earth — will utterly reject Christianity. This complete rejection of the Faith is in the distant future. But we can see its beginnings even now.

The culture has decided that killing tens of millions of unborn human persons each year (worldwide) is the expression of a right, not a modern type of genocide. The culture has decided that abortifacient contraception is never a type of abortion, and that all contraception and direct sterilization is a right. The culture has decided that euthanasia is a right. The culture has decided that all manner of grave sexual sins are good and moral. The culture has decided that all manner of unnatural sexual acts are good and moral, and that same-sex marriage is a right. The culture has decided that persons have the right to change their gender, and to do whatever they like with their sexuality. The culture has decided that it’s judgment in all these matters is infallible, and that any opposition to these ideas is a dangerous hatred of truth, justice, and humanity.

More and more, the secular culture sees Catholicism and Christianity more generally as a threat to its way of life. Eventually, this will lead to a severe oppression of the Christian religion, and to unjust laws requiring citizens to speak and act in accord with secular dogma and contrary to Christian teaching.

Eventually, there will be no Catholic hospitals. The culture will decide that all hospitals must provide care in accord with secular dogma, including: abortion, abortifacient contraception, direct sterilization, contraception, gender change, drugs to assist in committing grave sexual sins, and more. Eventually, the culture will influence voters and lawmakers so that no hospital can exist which adheres to Catholic moral teaching. They will claim that such a hospital violates human rights. It will become illegal for any hospital to be guided by religious and moral teachings, in contradiction to the false teachings of sinful secular society.

Here is an example of this trend: The Guardian: Catholic hospital denies Michigan woman treatment on religious grounds. The secular news media outlets are all claiming that she was denied a life-saving treatment. In fact, she was only denied direct sterilization (tubal ligation). If she becomes pregnant again, doctors say the pregnancy will endanger her life, due to her medical condition (brain tumor). But the tubal ligation itself does not directly save her life. Under Catholic moral teaching, this procedure is direct sterilization, not indirect sterilization (which is permissible, when necessary).

The media are adamant that there is not two sides to this story. They, in accordance with the culture, are loudly proclaiming that this religious and moral decision is simply a grave injustice. And they are speaking as if every Catholic hospital should be compelled to conform to society’s judgment on medical ethics. Eventually, there will be no Catholic hospitals, because the laws will require all hospitals to commit many different types of grave sins.

Eventually, there will be no Catholic schools, for much the same reason. The culture will require schools to teach grave errors on all of the above-mentioned topics. The Church will object to teaching children that abortion and contraception are rights, that same-sex marriage is good, that homosexuality is not a disorder, that all manner of grave sexual sins are moral, that transgender behavior and procedures are good, that euthanasia is a right, that so many other sins are not only permissible in secular society, but are goods to be celebrated, rather than grave sins.

Eventually, the culture will require schools to teach versions of science that leave no room for belief in God, and versions of history that blame religion for all manner of society problems. The culture will object even to the names of Catholic schools, which often include names of Saints or the Virgin Mary or Jesus or God. Catholics schools will not be permitted to exist, even as private entities. For the current trend toward federal control over every decision affecting education will continue, depriving local communities of autonomy and making it easier to bring an end to religious schools (K-12 as well as universities).

Eventually, there will be no Catholic social service agencies: no Catholic adoption agencies, no Catholic charities, no Catholic organizations that provide help to persons in need. The sinful culture will not permit organizations, which hold to ideas the culture has utterly condemned, to exist. They will be prohibited from government funding. They will be prohibited from raising money privately. It will become impossible for charitable organization to be run based on Catholic teachings, since society will hate those teachings with a white-hot hatred.

{1:32} But to those who sin, the worship of God is an abomination.

Eventually, society will attempt to force the Catholic Church to administer the Sacrament of Marriage to same-sex couples, to refrain from speaking out against the evil false teachings and grave sins of society, to approve of abortion and other grave sins, as if these were rights. Eventually, society will hate the entire Christian religion, and, by a series of progressively more oppressive laws, seek to drive Christianity out of society.

Eventually, faithful Catholic believers will be unable to have many roles in society, as having that role will require them to teach or to do evil. There will be no faithful Catholic doctors and nurses, because grave sins will be required of all doctors and nurses. And if any doctor or nurse is found to be a Catholic believer, he or she will be driven out of the profession by peers and by public pressure. There will be no faithful Catholic teachers at any level of public or private education, as schools will require teacher to teach and approve of all manner of grave sins, as if these were rights. And any Catholic believer who tries to become a teacher will be driven out of the profession. There will be no faithful Catholic politicians, as the voters will cry out in anger at the beliefs of such a politician, as if Catholic beliefs threaten their rights and their happiness.

There will be no faithful Catholics in any profession associated with grave sin. Catholics businesses which provide services to weddings will be required to provide services to gay weddings. Catholic publishers and bookstores will be forbidden from printing or selling books that express any teaching contrary to the false dogmas of sinful secular society. Catholic theologians will not be able to publish writings that support Church teaching. Catholic will not be able to be pharmacists, as they will be (and already are) required to dispense abortifacients and other sinful “medications”.

In the news and entertainment industries, Catholics will eventually be driven out. Public pressure will weigh against them, since their beliefs are contrary to alleged rights asserted by sinful secular society. Actors will not be able to be faithful Catholics, as most projects will be so sinful that the faithful cannot participate without sinning by cooperation or by perpetration. News media outlets will be so severely biased against Catholic teaching that the faithful Catholic will not be able to work in that profession, and if he tries to do so, his peer and bosses will drive him away.

Faithful Catholics will not be able to attend colleges and universities, since their beliefs will be considered an illegal and reprehensible form of hatred. Students will be required to agree to standards of conduct prohibiting them from expressing any Catholic teaching that conflicts with the false dogmas of sinful secular society. And any student who is found to be a believer will be driven out of the school by peers, teachers, and administrators.

Discrimination against faithful Catholics will be rampant in society in general. Any person found to be a faithful believer will be persecuted in the media and by local persons and groups.

Eventually, Catholics will become much like the Amish, largely separated from sinful secular society, unable to participate in certain institutions due to a conflict between our beliefs and the beliefs and practices of society. I think this separation is many years in the future, a few generations away. But it may be unavoidable.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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5 Responses to Eventually, there will be no Catholic hospitals or schools

  1. Carlos Perera says:

    I agree with your thesis. My only point of disagreement is that I think the time span you estimate for the scenario you posit, of a Church driven back into the catacombs, is too long; given the speed with which the Church in the U. S. has declined from its halcyon days of the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s, I believe its decline to pariah status is likely to play out within a couple of decades. I used to console myself, in contemplating the decline, that I would probably not live to see it all the way to the bottom. Now, despite my relatively advanced age (62), I am no longer confident that I shall be spared witnessing the coming age of persecution.

    What an irony! My parents left Cuba with nothing but me and three changes of clothes in our suitcase (all the worldly goods we were allowed to take out of the country at that time [1962]), mainly because they wanted to practice their Catholic Faith without restriction, and, more importantly, so I would not have my young mind poisoned against that Faith by the Communist government’s schools and propaganda machine. Yet, here I am, 53 years later, worrying about my grandchildren being subjected to the same fate.

  2. Matt says:

    I disagree with your opinion Ron. United States has a holiday Christmas, honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, holiday Thanksgiving, honoring God, ‘One nation under God’ in the pledge, said in every school and sporting event countless times everyday, Stock Markets close on Good Friday in honor of Jesus’ passion, many cities named after Catholic saints, Congress opens every session with a prayer to God, Supreme Court opens every session with clerk stating “God save the United States and this Honorable Court”, at the end of each Presidential proclamation it states the Year of the Lord, City Council meetings have prayer invocations, government sponsored parades sing God Bless America and Christmas carols, there are Catholic and Christian churches in every single city, in God we Trust on our money, crucifix and ten commandments displayed in many public places, and the President, Judges, and countless politicians taking the oath of office on the Bible.

    Until I see these aforementioned things being stripped away, then we are in trouble here.

  3. Vyto says:

    At Garabandal Our Lady said that the moral state of the world would decline until the Warning. This implies that after the Warning the moral state of the world would improve. The Warning is about 5 month away. How do you reconcile your statements that the moral state of the world will continue to decline into the distant future with Our Lady’s. .

    • Ron Conte says:

      Many persons repent at the Warning, improving the overall moral state. But those who refuse to repent continue to commit grave sins. So not all problems are solved by the Warning.

      This description of the whole world rejecting Christianity is in the distant future, long after those who benefited from the Warning are deceased. Jesus himself predicted that the world would reject Christianity, so it must happen.

  4. Francisco says:

    And to think about Oscar winners as best picture with explicitly exalting Catholic themes in the years past:

    Going My Way, the 1944 – Won Best Picture
    On the Waterfront, 1954 – Won Best Picture
    The Sound of Music, 1965 – Won Best Picture
    A Man for All Seasons, 1966 – Won Best Picture

    I think that if the same movies were released today (same storyline and even improved with today’s technology), they would hardly have any attention in the secular world.

    There was a very good praise worthy movie in my opinion called “Bella” a few years ago but received hardly any attention in the media.

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