Why the Culture Sees Christmas as a Threat

A large majority of U.S. citizens call themselves Christian. Many attend services at a Christian Church. And a large percentage of the non-Christians have some family or friends who are Christian. So you might think that the culture of such a nation would welcome or at least tolerate Christian ideas, symbols, and holidays. But that is not the case. More and more frequently, there are news reports of hostility toward Christianity and Christmas. Why is this happening?

Western culture is the result of the way that people choose to live their lives. It is a result of the words and deeds of large populations of fallen sinners. And in recent years, grave sins have become widely approved by secular society, including: euthanasia, abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage, and all manner of sexual sins. Society has become thoroughly hedonistic and narcissistic. Sinful acts and foolish ideas predominate, because most members of that society, despite being Christians or from a Christian background, act in a way that is contrary to Christian teaching.

Every Christian idea, symbol, and holiday is a reminder that the Christian Faith rejects all manner of grave sins and every selfish desire. Every mention of Christmas is a reminder to the unrepentant sinner that his life is in grave conflict with the Christian religion. And this is true even for Church-going Christians, who pray and worship God. It is true even for Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics. Their lives contain unrepentant grave sins, and so they want their culture to be largely free of Christian influence. They want to control when or if there is any mention of Christianity.

Our society is majority Christian. But a majority of those Christians are non-practicing or minimally-practicing Christians. And they don’t want to be reminded of the religious obligations that they are shirking. A majority are unrepentant from objective mortal sins. And they don’t want to be reminded of the grave sins that they are committing. They don’t want Christianity in their lives, expect on rare occasion, whenever the whim strikes them.

Our society also has many persons who have left Christianity, because the religion refused to change to give its approval to their grave sins and refused to change its teachings to agree with secular opinion. When your life is in major conflict with your religion, eventually you will leave that religion. So a large segment of the population consists of former Christians with something of a grudge against Christianity for in effect accusing them of grave sin, by means of its teachings.

Grave sins have much power over the culture. And Christianity is incompatible with grave sins. People will either admit that they did wrong and repent, or they will insist that Christianity itself is wrong. And so they not only reject the Christian religion, but they also attempt to remove its influence from the culture.

And that is why there is a war on Christmas.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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