God’s Plan to fix the Church

The one true holy Catholic and Apostolic Church includes the holy souls in Purgatory and the holy souls and holy angels in heaven. But on earth, the members of the Church are fallen sinners. And at the present time, the majority of persons who call themselves Catholic are unrepentant from various grave sins (especially heresy and sexual sins). At the present time, most persons who teach the Catholic faith have incorporated serious errors into their claims on faith, morals, and salvation. The Bishops have not done enough to teach the faithful and correct errors. Many priests are not holy and do not believe all that the Magisterium teaches. Most Catholic colleges and universities are no longer truly Catholic. Most Catholics are overly influenced by the false ideas prevalent in sinful secular society. Many false teachers are using the internet to spread errors among the faithful. And most Catholics believe whatever they wish to believe, regardless of magisterial teaching.

The holy Church on earth is in a dire state.

This article explains my understanding of God’s plan to transfigure the Church to become much holier and more faithful and more knowledgeable.

1. Pope Francis was chosen by God to test conservative Catholics, to see if they are faithful to the Vicar of Christ and the teachings of the Magisterium, or only faithful to the conservative (or traditionalist) Catholic subculture. Pope Francis will issue controversial decisions on doctrine and discipline, and many conservatives will respond by accusing him of heresy and thereby falling into schism. In this way, unfaithful conservative Catholics, who claim to be more faithful than anyone else, will be pruned away from the Church.

2. The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle will bring repentance, conversion, and healing to very many members of the Church (formal and informal members). The Church will suddenly become much holier, due to this great wave of repentance.

However, far too many Catholics will not repent. Some will feign repentance. Many others will simply reject the Church, because they are not willing to admit their sins and repent from them, and reform their lives. The Church will suddenly become much smaller and holier, due to the departure of the unrepentant.

The Miracle of Healing will strengthen the faith of Catholics, since the miracles will attest to the truth of the Catholic Faith. Permanent miraculous signs will be left at places of Marian apparitions, further strengthening the Catholic faith.

3. The tribulation will begin with the start of World War 3, followed quickly by severe civil unrest and violence, and food shortages/famine in wealthy nations. The weak in faith will fall away from the Church, due to this suffering. But the faithful will be strengthened by persevering in the Faith in the midst of great trials.

4. After Pope Francis resigns, the next Pope will be very conservative (Cardinal Arinze as Pope Pius XIII). He will put liberal Catholics to the text, issuing decisions on doctrine and discipline that are contrary to their thinking and way of life. Many liberal Catholics will fall away as a result. So again, the Church will become smaller and holier.

5. The Orthodox and Protestant Churches will repent and convert, and in the early 2020’s the Catholic Church will be restructured so that all Christians can be united in one Church (with 7 parts). This unity will anger the traditionalist Catholics, and they will refuse to rejoin the one Church. But this unification of all Christians will make the Church larger and holier, rather than smaller and holier.

6. A great Ecumenical Council will be called (mid-2028 to late 2032) to decide the controversies of the day, especially unification. The Council will approve of unification, and will issue many decisions on doctrine and discipline. During the early days of the Council, the Pope who called the Council will die, and his successor will be promptly elected: the Angelic Shepherd (Fr. Sudac as Pope Raphael). He will teach and guide the Church during the remaining sufferings of the tribulation, into the brief time of peace that follows.

7. During that time of peace, the Church will preach the Gospel with great success worldwide, and a vast number of new members will be added to the Church. The Church will then be much larger than ever before, will include all Christians worldwide, and will welcome many new converts.

Such is the plan of God to reform and transfigure and enlarge the one true Church.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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  1. Carlo Stebbings says:

    Hi Ron. This is a lot to think about. I am a catholic school theology teacher and while I like how the USCCB has structured theology across all catholic high schools, I feel they are misled in treating religion class like all other classes. I was talking with some of my colleagues and we see that one of the biggest pieces missing, and I feel the most important is spiritual development. Basically we need to be allowed the time to teach spirituality and offer the time for our students to encounter Christ throughout every step of their catholic education. What is your thought on this for the future of the Church?

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