Partial List of Problems in the Catholic Church today

Most persons who call themselves Catholic are non-practicing or minimally-practicing.

As for the practicing Catholics:

Very few Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics go to Confession at all.
Most Catholics are unrepentant from one or another type of grave sexual sin.
Most married Catholics use contraception, including abortifacient contraception.
Most unmarried Catholics engage in pre-marital.
Most Catholics reject Church teaching on marriage as a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.
Most Catholics accept all that sinful secular society teaches, and reject any Church teachings to the contrary.

Most Catholics are poorly-catechized. They have very little understanding of Church teaching.
Many Catholics are using the internet to spread grave errors on faith, morals, and salvation.
Most Catholic authors, speakers, teachers, and theologians teach multiple grave errors.
Grave errors on faith, morals, and salvation are being promoted as if these were Church doctrine.

Some, perhaps many, Catholic priests have fallen away from Church teaching on many points.
Some Bishops have fallen away from Church teaching.
Most Catholic priests and bishops are not very holy.
Few Catholic men wish to become priests or monks.
Few Catholic women wish to become nuns.

Many conservative Catholics are moving toward rejecting Pope Francis.
Many traditionalist Catholics have already rejected Pope Francis, implicitly if not explicitly.
Traditionalist Catholics believe whatever the traditionalist subculture teachings, regardless of Church teaching.
Conservative and traditionalists are moving toward schism.

Most liberal Catholics have rejected multiple definitive Church teachings on faith, morals, and salvation.
Most liberal Catholics do not accept the authority of the Magisterium, nor do they see the Church as their Teacher.
Liberal Catholics are moving toward schism also.

Most Mass-going Communion-receiving Catholics are guilty of multiple material heresies.
There are very few faithful and competent teachers of Catholicism left in the Church.
Even most priests do not know Catholic theology well-enough to teach on faith, morals, and salvation.
Heretical teachers are supported and promoted by Catholics.
The Bishops have done little to rebuke popular heretical teachers and popular heretical ideas.
Many other teachers, while not guilty of formal heresy, teach grave errors by incompetence.

Many parishes and dioceses are in financial trouble; they cannot afford their expenses.
The approaching schism will greatly reduce attendance at Mass and parish donations.
Many parishes will be forced to close, due to low attendance and lack of funds.

Most believing and practicing Catholics pray very little.
Most practice self-denial rarely, if ever.
Most choose self-centered secularized lives.
They do not accept teaching or correction from the Church, nor from any faithful teachers.

Modern Biblical scholars have been removing words, phrases, and whole verses from the Bible.
Modern Bible editions are harmed by the loss of these words.
Modern Bible editions are more loosely translated than ever before.
The Word of God is being changed to add inclusive language, and to soften the sharp edges of revealed truth.
Footnotes and annotations sometimes undermine doctrine, and often treat the Bible as if it were of merely human origin.
Many of these poorly-made translations are approved by the Church, including the Nova Vulgata and the NABRE.

Society has begun a process of rejecting Christianity and Catholicism.
This rejection is increasing, as time passes, making it more difficult for the Church to save souls.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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