Some Quotes from the CDF on Contraception

“An action which is objectively evil, even if a lesser evil, can never be licitly willed.”
CDF, 22/12/2010

“Contraception is one of these acts in itself and of itself it is always a moral disorder”
“the moral norm of Humanae Vitae concerning contraception, as prohibiting an intrinsically disordered act, does not admit exceptions.”
“What is taught by the Church on contraception is not one of the matters that may be freely disputed by theologians.”
CDF 16/02/1989

“Any cooperation which involves the approval or consent of the hospitals to actions which are in themselves, that is, by their nature and condition, directed to a contraceptive end, namely, in order that the natural effects of sexual actions [actuum sexualium] deliberately performed by the sterilized subject be impeded, is absolutely forbidden. For the official approbation of direct sterilization and, a fortiori, its management and execution in accord with hospital regulations, is a matter which, in the objective order, is by its very nature (or intrinsically) evil. The Catholic hospital cannot cooperate with this for any reason.”
CDF 13/03/1975

and also this quote from Pope Saint John Paul II:

“Contraception is to be judged objectively so profoundly illicit that it can never, for any reason, be justified. To think, or to say, anything to the contrary is tantamount to saying that in human life there can be situations where it is legitimate not to recognize God as God. Users of contraception attribute to themselves a power that belongs only to God, the power to decide in the final instance the coming into existence of a human being.” (Address on Responsible Procreation)

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