Bible Readings (next 11 days)

I’ve completed re-reading the New Testament, except for the Book of Revelation, which is 22 chapters. I hope you have been reading along with me. As the last part of this Bible reading project — in preparation for the Warning — let’s read 2 chapters per day from the Book of Revelation. We will start today (Monday, March 14th) and we will finish on Friday, March 24th, the day before the Warning.

I will be writing some brief commentary on the Book of Revelation as we go along. But please see my booklet Eschatological Commentary on the Apocalypse of John for the full set of my commentary and interpretation.

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3 Responses to Bible Readings (next 11 days)

  1. stesvis says:

    The 25th is very close now, still 100% convinced? I guess we’ll know on the 22nd if it’s the 1st secret of Medjugorje. What if nothing happens? Would you just think the prediction was wrong or would you think it’s never going to happen? That’s kinda the risk when predicting dates, IF they are wrong. But I hope you’re right!

  2. Paul says:

    You’re right, stesvis – there is a risk when predicting dates. But I’m thankful that Ron is courageous enough to take the risk. If it does occur, I will be well prepared to respond; largely thanks to Ron’s efforts. If it doesn’t occur, then I imagine Ron will go back to the eschatological drawing board and give it another shot.

  3. stesvis says:

    The Virgin Mary gave some hints on when the Miracle will happen, so I guess it’s fair to try to figure it out. Why would she give us hints otherwise? :)

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