Go to Confession this Saturday!

The Warning is very near. This Saturday may be the last opportunity that you have, prior to the Warning on Good Friday, to prepare by making a good confession. Jesus died to offer us every grace and every opportunity to be saved. The salvific graces of the Sacrament of Reconciliation are from the Cross.

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21 Responses to Go to Confession this Saturday!

  1. Joe says:

    Ron, I think you have thoughtfully considered this date and I appreciate it. For me however, I am now not 100% that it begins and ends on 1 day. I wonder if it comes slowly, an awareness of the inner presence of Christ [to those paying attention] this Friday and cumulates with the Warning on Monday April 4th. I could provide my reasoning but at this point let’s just wait and see. My point is that if nothing happens on Friday [as expected] I am still thinking you may very well be on target until April 4th comes around. April 4th is the key date for me. But what do I know. I am no theologian, just some confirmations in my own life that have led me to this possibility. I just think the Lord wants to connect those two dates. If I am wrong I am wrong. It’s pretty easy to be an arm chair quarterback when your anonymous. You have stuck your neck out there and there are those of us who appreciate that fact whether you have gotten the date right or wrong. And… whether the 1st secret of Medjugore relates to the warning or not, we do know that after the secrets begin there will not be much time for conversion. The Lord gave the best wine at the end of the Wedding Feast, how then does not the Lord give the greatest abundance of mercy (Jubilee of mercy) prior to the time of Justice. 240 days between March 25th and November 20th. 40 days for 6 jars. 40 a time of testing. The six jars used by Jesus were jars for ceremonial washing or cleansing. But the water (for cleansing) was turned into wine (the blood of the lamb). Six periods of testing, become six periods of the most abundant mercy cleansed by the blood of the lamb. And may I add, all because Jesus’ mother requested it. Just a thought.

  2. Therese Armstrong says:

    It is the evening of March 25th in Australia (Good Friday), the warning has not occurred

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