Eschatology Saturday: My thoughts on the End Times

I’m starting a new series of posts today. Each Saturday, I plan to post on the topic of eschatology. I’ll sometimes discuss how current events might be related to the end times. I’ll also cover more general topics in eschatology, and offer some interpretations of Bible passages. Posts will go up, perhaps Friday evening, or Saturday before noon (hopefully). So visit this blog on the week-end to read and comment.

Today’s Topic:
The Warning and the Start of the Tribulation

The Warning did not occur on Good Friday of 2016. This raises the question as to whether the Warning occurs prior to the start of the tribulation, or sometime after it begins. The tribulation might begin in 2016, with the start of World War 3 — the war of the Muslim extremists against the West. But one possible date for the Warning is Good Friday of 2017. If so, then the tribulation might not begin until 2017. It still makes more sense to me that the Warning precede the tribulation, as the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle are a way for God to strengthen people of good will, in preparation for the severe afflictions of the tribulation.

On the other hand, if the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle do not occur until the 2020’s (the next time that dates for the feast of Blessed Imelda coincide with a Thursday), then I would have to opine that the tribulation begins first, and that there would be several years of afflictions before the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle.

As I wrote in my previous post: Next year, 2017, is a possibility [for the Warning]. May 11th is a Thursday, and it is the vigil of the feast of Blessed Imelda. The timing of the Miracle was stated by the visionaries as 8:30 p.m. Garabandal time on a Thursday. So perhaps May 11th meets the conditions to be on the feast day of Blessed Imelda, since it is the vigil of that feast. Blessed Imelda herself died on the vigil of the feast of the Ascension; she died on the 12th, the feast of the Ascension was the 13th that year. So that would make 14 April 2017 the day of the Warning, Good Friday that year, and 16 April 2017 the day of the Consolation, Easter Sunday. 2017 is also the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima.

I still believe that a schism is imminent in the Church. Pope Francis will issue controversial decisions on doctrine and discipline soon, and this will lead to many conservatives and most traditionalists to depart from communion with the Pope and the one true Church. This event now seems very likely for 2016. Previously, some persons questioned how a schism could occur after the Warning, which corrects consciences. But now it seems clear that the schism occurs before the Warning.

Regardless of when the Warning occurs, we should see substantial progress toward World War 3 in 2016. I think these events will include: Iran announcing that they have nuclear bombs, Hassan Rouhani becoming Supreme Leader of Iran while he is also President, ISIS taking control of Iraq and Syria completely, and a formal pact between ISIS and Iran.

The 2016 election will not be disrupted by the Warning, as I had previously thought. But I don’t see any possible outcome other than a win for Hillary Clinton. So if the Warning occurs in 2017, this unfortunately fulfills a prediction I had made quite a few years ago, that Hillary would be U.S. President at the time of the Warning.

The Warning occurs when things are at their worst. Unfortunately, this implies that events in society and the Church will worsen between now and whenever the Warning occurs. Society will continue to oppress Christianity, and promote grave sins of every kind. False teachers in the Church will continue to distort Church teaching and spread false doctrine. The schism will add much confusion to the weak in faith in the Church. It will be a very difficult time.

I recommend prayer, self-denial, works of mercy, and a determined effort to learn the teachings of the Church ever better.

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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20 Responses to Eschatology Saturday: My thoughts on the End Times

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Ron how long will it take the protestant church to convert back to Rome after the warning I live in a country that we catholics still suffer from protestant arrogance and triumphalism and to a certain extent discrimination from the establishment and our neighbours. I think these people are going to be very frightened when god puts his hand on them and on us do you think it will be quick or gradual

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think that the conversion of the Protestant Churches takes place in the early 2020’s. So either the Warning is in 2017, and it takes a few years to result in conversion, or the Warning occurs in the early 2020’s and conversions are very prompt.

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Ron when one of the visionaries of garabandal says that before the warning communism returns what does she mean surely she doesent mean a return of the godless soviets as russia is now returning to Christianity or is it something else

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