A Religion-free Society becomes its own Religion

Human persons are created to need supernatural grace and the supernatural virtues of love, faith, hope in order to be fulfilled and happy. When human persons try to live without God, grace, and infused virtues, their lives are in a state of perpetual deprivation. They are like persons who are starving, but refuse to eat. They cannot find happiness, no matter how hard they try — unless they cooperate with grace and enter or return to the state of grace.

But what happens when an entire society attempt to reject all true religion, God, grace, and true virtue? Human persons need God and so we naturally seek God. Yet we have free will. So when a society attempt to live without God, they end up seeking a substitute for God. They need God. Their very nature cries out for God. But their free will has rejected this natural goal of our lives. The result is false religion, though often without even the word “religion” or any words referring to God.

And that is what we are seeing today, in modern society. The culture has become its own religion. The culture teaches pseudo-dogmas: claimed truths that are treated as if they were infallible. And if anyone rejects or doubts any such fake-dogma, they are treated like a heretic. The idea that gay marriage is a true type of marriage and a right is now treated by society as an absolute truth. No arguments to the contrary are considered to be valid, or worthy of a reply. The idea that gender is a free choice, such that anyone can claim to have any gender, and can change that gender, by various means, is also now a pseudo-dogma. Disagree and you will be treated as if you were the mortal enemy of this modern-day god-less false religion, which is taking over our culture and society.

We are told that abortion and contraception are rights. All kinds of terrible things are said about the Bible, the Catholic Faith, and traditional Christian teachings. Christianity has become an object of hatred, because the modern-day false religion of culture cannot succeed in controlling everyone’s lives and attitudes, if they worship the one true God and believe what the Son of God taught.

The culture is striving to reject all ethics, not merely Christian or Catholic ethics. Right and wrong as objective truths is rejected, in favor of approval for any and all desires and choices — as long as these do not run counter to the dogmas of culture. Any discussion that an act, any act, is immoral is rejected without consideration of its content. Ethics itself is rejected, and replaced with being true to yourself, in other words, acting on every desire and impulse as if you were your own definition of good and evil — as if each individual were a god.

A pluralistic society, which tolerates a range of different points of view, including different religions, is not so bad. Believers could then enter the public forum of discussion on faith and morals, and perhaps save some souls. But the modern-day trend is to utterly reject any idea or belief system contrary to whatever the unthinking force of culture has accepted as if it were absolute truth. Discussion is deemed irrelevant. Freedom of speech and religion are trampled to the ground. The culture, as its own pseudo-religion, is seeking converts by pressuring people to conform, with no regard for conscience and faith.

Anti-Semitism in society, in Europe and in the U.S., increased markedly prior to the Jewish Holocaust. The horrific massacre of six million Jews was only possible because society had decided to treat believers in the Jewish faith (and persons of Hebrew descent), with contempt and denigration. That milieu set the stage for the Holocaust.

And now we see the same process of contempt and denigration for Christianity and the Catholic Church. Increasingly, society is granting its approval for faithful Christian believers to be treated like criminals, or like persons who have no rights or freedoms. What is next? I believe the world is progressing toward a Christian Holocaust, in which millions of Christians will be put to death. This occurs, as I have already explained in my speculative eschatology, after the Muslim extremists invade and conquer Europe. It is not so many years away (it perhaps beings in the late 2020’s).

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to A Religion-free Society becomes its own Religion

  1. Francisco says:

    “46. The more influential of these radical positions are well known and high in profile, especially in the history of the West. It is not too much to claim that the development of a good part of modern philosophy has seen it move further and further away from Christian Revelation, to the point of setting itself quite explicitly in opposition. This process reached its apogee in the last century. Some representatives of idealism sought in various ways to transform faith and its contents, even the mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, into dialectical structures which could be grasped by reason. Opposed to this kind of thinking were various forms of atheistic humanism, expressed in philosophical terms, which regarded faith as alienating and damaging to the development of a full rationality. They did not hesitate to present themselves as new religions serving as a basis for projects which, on the political and social plane, gave rise to totalitarian systems which have been disastrous for humanity.”
    – Encyclical – Fides Et Ratio by Pope St. John Paul II, in my opinion, future Doctor of the Church.

  2. Francisco says:

    The Holy Pontiff, JPII, also called this trend in society “Nihilism” in above mentioned Encyclical:

    “46… As a result of the crisis of rationalism, what has appeared finally is nihilism. As a philosophy of nothingness, it has a certain attraction for people of our time. Its adherents claim that the search is an end in itself, without any hope or possibility of ever attaining the goal of truth. In the nihilist interpretation, life is no more than an occasion for sensations and experiences in which the ephemeral has pride of place. Nihilism is at the root of the widespread mentality which claims that a definitive commitment should no longer be made, because everything is fleeting and provisional.”

    Like what secular society now claims what “gender” is, “you choose what you want to be”. Tomorrow we don’t know how these definitions or pseudo-dogmas of this secular society trend will vary.

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