The Top 12 Problems in the Catholic Church today

1. Most Bishops are more Administrators than Apostles

2. Many priests are not holy and are not faithful to Church teaching

3. Heretics have become respected teachers in the Church

4. Many Catholics anonymously teach grave errors via the internet

5. False teachers have radically revised Church doctrine on intrinsic evil

6. Faith in Church teaching is being replaced with dogmatized personal opinion

7. False claims of private revelation are leading many astray

8. Most of the faithful are ignorant of basic Catholic teaching

9. Most Catholics do not accept teaching or correction from the Magisterium

10. Most Communion-receiving Catholics are unrepentant from objective mortal sin

11. Most Communion-receiving Catholics do not go to Confession

12. Most Catholics have rejected Church teaching on contraception and on sexual sins

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2 Responses to The Top 12 Problems in the Catholic Church today

  1. missy681 says:

    This is probably not the right place to leave this, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in reading this commentary on Amoris Laetitia and writing a blog post on whether or not you agree and why or why not.

    Yesterday, the pope said something very disturbing, “Jesus always knows how to accompany us, he gives us the ideal, he accompanies us towards the ideal, He frees us from the chains of the laws’ rigidity and tells us: ‘But do that up to the point that you are capable.’” When I was little (over 40 years ago), my dad warned of “The Church of What’s Happening Now” and I always thought he was speaking of protestants. These days, though, I feel like he could have been prophesying about these dark days of the Church. It’s odd that I am now be considered a heretic because I adhere to a strict interpretation of Church Teaching.

    • Ron Conte says:

      For a Catholic faith is to believe what the Pope and the Magisterium teaches, even in contradiction to one’s own thinking, one’s own understanding, and the understanding of other persons in the Church (whether liberals, conservatives, or other groups). It is arrogant for any Catholic to assume that the Pope must be wrong, because his words contradict their own understanding of Church teaching. I see no theological errors in the many different teachings and opinions of the Pope, about which so many persons complain. They simply do not want to be corrected by the Pope or the Church.

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