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Jimmy Akin versus Pope Francis

It is arrogant and foolish for the ordinary run-of-the-mill Catholic blogger to judge and condemn the words of the holy Roman Pontiff. The vast majority of these bloggers are not even theologians, and their criticisms are not based on a … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s grave error on Abortion and Confession

UPDATED (see the last section of the post). On his blog, Jimmy Akin makes a false claim which is gravely harmful to souls, on the subject of abortion, excommunication, and Confession. He erroneously claims: “Therefore, a person who procures an … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin and Michelle Arnold: Sick Excuses for Abortifacient Contraception

A prenatal is any human being from conception to birth. Abortion (specifically direct abortion) is any knowingly chosen act that directly kills a prenatal. Direct abortion is intrinsically evil because the act is inherently ordered toward destroying human life in … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin vs. the Magisterium on salvation

Catholic blogger and author Jimmy Akin teaches numerous grave doctrinal errors on a wide range of subjects, along with the false claim that these errors are magisterial teaching or sound theology. His errors include false teachings on contraception, on intrinsic … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin’s Rejection of the Dogma of Intrinsic Evil

The ordinary and universal Magisterium infallibly teaches that certain types of acts are intrinsically evil, i.e. wrong by their very nature, apart from intentions and circumstances. See my post: The Dogma of Intrinsically Evil Acts. Pope John Paul II: “The … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin debates the Magisterium

Jimmy Akin has been publishing fake interviews, in which he pretends to interview Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI. He publishes these fake interviews in what he calls a “Secret Information Club communiqué”, saying things like: “Not a … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin versus the Magisterium on Contraception, part 2

As I mentioned in the previous article on this topic, Jimmy Akin claims that the Magisterium has no teaching on the morality of contraception outside of marriage. He mentions this claim a number of times in his posts. Here is … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin versus the Magisterium on Contraception part 1

A Widespread Modern Problem There are many persons within the Church, persons who claim to be teaching Catholic doctrine and sound theology, who are instead undermining, distorting, and tearing apart, piece by piece, the teaching of the Magisterium on important … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin’s new heresy on transubstantiation

On the “Catholic Answers Live” radio show of 26 January 2012, Jimmy Akin discusses the Protestant idea of consubstantiation. After correctly refuting consubstantiation, Akin adds his own heretical claim: “because what Jesus says is not ‘this contains my body’ or … Continue reading


More on Jimmy Akin’s heresy against the dogma of Transubstantiation

Jimmy Akin openly rejects the teaching of the Magisterium on transubstantiation, and in its place teaches his own heretical invention. The correct understanding of the infallible dogma of the Magisterium is that the substance of bread and wine are changed … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin teaches heresy and doctrinal error

Jimmy Akin’s writings contain numerous grave doctrinal errors, some of which rise to the level of abject heresy. By means of these false teachings, he is leading faithful Catholics astray from the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. My concern is … Continue reading


contra Jimmy Akin on the Year of the Birth of Christ

In a recent post, Jimmy Akin does what he does best, take a complex topic within Catholicism, over-simply it, distort it, then over-simplify it some more, then present it to his readers as if he is explaining plain truths that … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s heresy on Transubstantiation

In a post dated April 22, 2011 (Good Friday), Jimmy Akin answers a reader’s question by teaching yet another heresy: “In transubstantiation, two things happen: (1) The substances (i.e., the ultimate, underlying realities) of bread and wine cease to exist, … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s heresy on intrinsic evil

In his post of November 29, 2006 titled ‘Intrinsic Evil’, Jimmy Akin teaches yet another grave heresy to his readers. This particular heresy rejects the teaching of the Universal Magisterium on the nature of intrinsically evil acts, as determined by … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s Heretical Errors on Salvation

I’ve updated my article, detailing the heretical errors taught by Jimmy Akin on the subject of salvation, to note that his book, The Salvation Controversy, also teaches these same errors. Akin’s article, A Tiptoe Through TULIP, is also a chapter … Continue reading


Jimmy Akin’s heresy on contraception

I’ve now completed and posted a new article on moral theology, refuting certain heretical errors on the topic of contraception: Modern Heresies on Contraception A refutation of Jimmy Akin’s heretical errors on contraception and marriage Although many persons hold … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin’s heresy on salvation

In this article: Catholic Soteriology versus Semi-Calvinism I refute Jimmy Akin’s doctrinal errors on predestination, grace, salvation. How serious are these errors? In my opinion, these errors are material heresy, since they contradict fundamental definitive teachings of the Magisterium on … Continue reading

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Unfaithful Conservatives have turned Humanae Vitae into a Fabergé egg

Conservatives complain when the Pope criticizes them. They say, “Why is he criticizing those who are most faithful?” There is an assumption common among conservatives that the majority opinion in the conservative Catholic subculture is essentially inerrant. But, in fact, … Continue reading

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A Contrary Opinion on the Work of Janet Smith

The National Catholic Register has an article titled: Janet Smith, Fearless Defender of ‘Humanae Vitae’. Defender? Nothing could be further from the truth. Smith has gutted the teaching of the Church against contraception, turning Humanae Vitae into a hollow shell … Continue reading

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conservative Catholics incorrectly portray themselves as Orthodox

Over at, author Steve Skojec has an article which typifies a certain problem in the Church today: The Escalating War Against Orthodox Catholicism. He says “orthodox Catholicism”, but what he really means is conservative Catholicism. And over the past … Continue reading

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