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Untenable Theories on Adam and Eve

There are several theories on Adam and Eve, held and promoted by various Catholics (mostly online), which are contrary to, or substantially incompatible with, definitive magisterial teaching. But let’s begin with what we must believe, as faithful Catholic Christians, about … Continue reading

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Free book on Adam and Eve

My book, Adam and Eve versus Evolution, will be free from Sunday, October 15th to Tuesday, October 17 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer. The book attempts to reconcile the apparent conflict between the … Continue reading

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Are all human persons descended from Noah?

Short answer: No. The Church does not teach that all human persons are descended from Noah and his family. The idea that we must all be descendants of Noah is based on the false assumption that the Noah story is … Continue reading

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April 7th is the true date of the Crucifixion

As explained in my book, Important Dates in the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Jesus was crucified on Friday, April 7th of the year 19 AD, and He rose from the dead on April 9th. Today is Friday, April 7th … Continue reading

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Free for 5 days: my book on the Writing of the Gospels

My booklet, The Writing of the Gospels and Biblical Inerrancy, will be available in Kindle format only, for free, from Monday, 26 Sept to 30 Sept, 2016, Pacific Time. Please take advantage of this free offer. This booklet is primarily … Continue reading


Did Adam and other Biblical Persons live very long lives?

Msgr. Charles Pope is of the opinion that Adam and certain other Biblical persons lived very long lives. He explains: “Personally, I think we need to take the stated ages of the patriarchs at face value and just accept it … Continue reading


Modern Science versus Noah’s Ark

Here’s the “news story” at Can Science Explain Noah’s Ark? Why Logic Thoroughly Debunks the Biblical Story (Miles Surrey, 22 April 2016). The article quotes some physics students, who studied whether an Ark built to the literal specifications of … Continue reading


Free book on Adam and Eve

The Kindle edition of my book: Adam and Eve versus Evolution will be free from Wednesday, March 16th through Sunday, March 20th, 2016 (Pacific Time). In this book, I propose a resolution of the apparent contradiction between God’s creation of … Continue reading


How Many Animals entered the Ark of Noah?

The usual discussion about Noah and the Flood among Catholics involves two different positions: that the Flood story is entirely fictional, or that it is entirely literal. In my book, Noah’s Flood: Literal or Figurative?, I refute both positions and … Continue reading


Reply to People who ridicule Noah’s Flood

There are two common views on the story of Noah, the great Flood, and the Ark. One view is entirely literal: water covered the whole surface of the earth, all human and animal life outside the Ark died, the Ark … Continue reading


Historical Date of the Incarnation

According to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, and as supported by my research and writing in Biblical chronology, February 25th about midnight (at the start of that day) is the historical date of the Annunciation and Incarnation. See my book: Important … Continue reading

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What Noah Saw After The Flood

You have no idea what Noah saw. It wasn’t a simple rainbow. As I explain in my book, Noah’s Flood: Literal or Figurative?, what Noah most likely saw after the Flood was not a simple rainbow, but a vast array … Continue reading


The Historical Dates for the Birth and the Crucifixion of Christ

Articles and blog posts are written every year, during the Advent Season, on the true date for the Birth of Christ. Was He born on the 25th of December, or on some other day, or in some other month? What … Continue reading

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Adam and Eve versus Evolution

This book argues in favor of Adam and Eve as two real historical persons, and also in favor of accepting evolution as one of the natural means that God uses to guide the unfolding of His Creation. Adam and Eve … Continue reading


The Rainbow after Noah’s Flood

The Flood of Noah was a real historical event. Some parts of the Biblical description of the Flood are figurative and other parts are literal. There was literally a Noah, an Ark, and a great Flood. However, the expressions that … Continue reading

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What Size Was Noah’s Ark?

Some persons say that the size of the Ark could not be literal. {6:14} Make yourself an ark from smoothed wood. You shall make little dwelling places in the ark, and you shall smear pitch on the interior and exterior. … Continue reading


Noah’s Flood versus Modern Science

My interpretation of the Biblical story of Noah is complex. I consider that the story contains both literal elements and figurative elements. By faith, I accept the story as true, but with reason I understand that not every part of … Continue reading


The Seven Days of Creation: figurative or literal?

The following text is an excerpt from my book: Noah’s Flood: Literal or Figurative? Now let’s go back to the beginning of Genesis, and apply a combined literal and figurative approach to some of the stories that preceded the great … Continue reading


Faith vs. Science: did Abraham have camels?

The latest news in the Faith vs. Science debate is claim by researchers that the domesticated camel dates only to 900 BC Fox News: Camel bones suggest error in Bible, archaeologists say Camels are mentioned as pack animals in the … Continue reading


Big Changes for the Church in 2014 and 2015

According to my research into New Testament biblical chronology, Jesus was born in 15 BC. He began His Divine Ministry in the fall of AD 15, and the ministry of John the Baptist began about 6 months earlier, in the … Continue reading

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