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Does God choose the Pope?

Catholic Apologists Patrick Madrid and Jimmy Akin have similar views regarding the position that God does not choose each and every validly elected Pope. Patrick Madrid teaches that the Church has not taught that the Holy Spirit (God) chooses the … Continue reading

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Is Abortifacient Contraception Moral for a Medical Purpose?

An Open Letter from Catholic Spouses to their Unborn Children Dear beloved children in the womb, Mommy and Daddy are writing you this letter to explain an important decision. Your Mommy was feeling bad, so she asked a very smart … Continue reading

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A Post on Women Priests

My latest post at is on women priests.


Why baptizing babies or little children?

The formal Sacrament of Baptism is done, not because of what we can do, or able to do, but because of what this Sacrament does to us, because of its effects on us. It is like a vaccine that cures … Continue reading

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Photos of Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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The above photos were taken of me, by me, using my cellphone. I edited the photos with Paint Shop Pro 2018 and made them black and white. I don’t look too bad for 58 years of age, do I? In … Continue reading

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Prayers Request

I’m getting an outpatient back procedure tomorrow to treat my chronic back pain. Please say a prayer for me. Thanks. Also, I’m thinking of putting some photos of myself online. What do people think about this? Ron Conte

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Not to judge, or do not judge me?

When some people receive correction, which by the way, is one of the spiritual works of mercy, they come up with a phrase like “you are not supposed to judge me”, “you are judging me”, “do not judge”, “it’s not … Continue reading

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The Immaculate Virgin Conception of Mary

The dogma of the Immaculate Conception asserts that Mary, the mother of Jesus and so the mother of God, was preserved from inheriting original sin; she was preserved from all of the effects of original sin, in body and soul. … Continue reading

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My Patreon page

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I’ve removed my Patreon page, as there was no interest among my readers.

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Ask A Theological Question (closed)

There will be no more “Ask a theological question” for a while.

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Are Readers interested in articles about the Antichrist’s reign?

My view is that the Antichrist’s reign is in the distant future 25th century A.D. The Return of Jesus occurs in that time period also. Our generation will experience the first part of the tribulation (the lesser tribulation). Are readers … Continue reading

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The Council of Trent on Natural Family Planning

The theological basis for Natural Family Planning (NFP) was established by the Council of Trent. The Council of Trent: “If anyone says that the Church errs when She decrees that, for many causes, a separation may take place between the … Continue reading

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Obtain a plenary indulgence November 1st to 8th

From Fr. Z.’s blog: “Here is how you can obtaining a Plenary Indulgence on November 2, All Souls: * make a good confession within a week before or after All Souls * be free from all attachment to sin, even … Continue reading

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Eschatology and the Abuse Crisis

We are approaching the time of the first part of the tribulation (the lesser tribulation). The child sexual abuse (CSA) crisis in the Church is related to that event. A time of increased sinfulness in the world and in the … Continue reading


Topic for my Patreon page?

Few persons were interested in eschatology as a topic for my Patreon page. I’m taking suggestions for alternate topics and for the pricing. Ethics I could set up the site to teach ethics to my Patreon supporters. This would be … Continue reading

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Ask a theological question (closed)

Use the comment box below to pose your questions.

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Eschatology: Overview

The tribulation is divided into two parts: A. the first part of the tribulation (also called the lesser tribulation) begins soon (21st century). Events include World War 3, civil unrest, famine, death from a variety of causes, a great Christian … Continue reading

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Do we worship a pagan idol referred as the Queen of Heaven?

Just because Mary has the title of “Queen of Heaven” for being the mother of the King of the Kingdom of Heaven (John 18:36), that doesn’t mean that she is the pagan goddess or idol mentioned in (Jer 7:18) (44:17-25). … Continue reading


Solution to the Papal Crisis

The Papal Crisis is the opposition between the conservative Catholic subculture and the Roman Pontiff: Pope Francis. This crisis is harming the Church. Many laypersons are being encouraged by conservative Catholic leaders to distrust the Vicar of Christ, and to … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A (closed)

Ask Ron Conte a theological question.

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