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We Need To Talk About The Liberal Schism

The conservative schism is now unfolding. It’s going to get a lot worse over the next several months. A large percentage of conservative Catholics and most traditionalists are going to publicly reject Pope Francis as the valid successor of Peter. … Continue reading

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A Rebuke of the False Eschatology of Kelly Bowring

Introduction In a recent blog post, titled Prophecy Unfolding: The Current Pope, the False Church, and The Great Warning, Dr. Kelly Bowring continues his schismatic and heretical attack on the Roman Pontiff and the one true Church. Bowring interprets various … Continue reading

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Free book on the Greater Tribulation

My lengthy book of Catholic eschatology, The Second Part of the Tribulation, will be free from May 29 to May 31 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer. A common Catholic opinion on the tribulation … Continue reading


No Special Spiritual Event happens on September 23, 2017

Recently, some commentators have been speculating that September 23, 2017 would have some special spiritual significance. The claim is made that a combination of celestial events combine to form the woman clothed with the sun from Revelation 12. See this … Continue reading


Catholic Eschatology: World War 3

Based on my interpretation of the Bible, especially the books of Daniel and of Revelation, I believe that the tribulation (the end times) begins with a major world war: World War 3. But this war is not a war between … Continue reading

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No Announcement of the Medjugorje Secrets

At some point in the near or distant future, the first and second secrets of Medjugorje will be announced three days in advance of the first secret. But that announcement did NOT happen this past Tuesday, which implies that Good … Continue reading

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Bruce Cyr’s plagiarism of my work in eschatology

See my previous posts: * Book Review: After the Warning 2016 by Bruce Cyr * 9-11 Truther: Bruce Cyr – After the Warning 2016 Plagiarism In his first book, After The Warning 2016, Bruce Cyr claims that he has receive … Continue reading

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The First Three Secrets of Medjugorje

Mirjana, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, said: “Ten days before the first secret and the second secret, I will notify Father Petar Ljubicic. He will pray and fast for seven days, and then he will announce these to the … Continue reading

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What is the Miracle of Garabandal? Millions of Healings

For many years now, I’ve been discussing three supernatural events, three great blessings that God gives to the world, just before the end times begin: The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle. As I have said many times for many years, the … Continue reading

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My Books on the End Times (the Apocalypse)

Here is a partial list of my books on the End Times: * The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle — This book is up-to-date with the latest dates for my predictions. The other books have not been updated recently. * The … Continue reading

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The End of the World? Not So Soon

Based on my study of Catholic eschatology, the apocalypse — also known as the end time, the end of days, and the tribulation — unfolds in two parts. The first part of the tribulation is for our generation (part of … Continue reading

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How To Respond, if the Warning happens this Good Friday

The Warning illuminates the conscience of each person, showing them the sins that they have committed, as understood by their own conscience. But the Warning only shows people the sins still remaining on their consciences. So if you have repented … Continue reading

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The Warning is followed by an Upheaval in the Middle East

The following passages are excerpted from my book, The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle: It has been said that the first secret of Medjugorje involves an “upheaval” in one part of the world. This idea is not the first secret itself, … Continue reading

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If the Warning is this Good Friday, here is what I expect to happen

1. For a description of these three events, see my book: The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle 2. Many persons will repent with true sorrow. Many others will refuse to repent. Some who refuse, will feign repentance. 3. Some persons, a … Continue reading

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Reaction of Pope Francis, if the Warning is Good Friday of 2017

The next possible date for the Warning of Garabandal is April 14th of 2017, Good Friday this very year. If the Warning is not this year, and that is a possibility, then it likely will not occur in the sometime … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem

The Roman Catholic Church, worldwide, has a severe heresy problem. The vast majority of persons who call themselves Catholic have accepted heretical ideas, in contradiction to definitive Church teaching. Common heresies among the laity include: * the claim that the … Continue reading

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Free for 2 days: my book on the great Catholic monarch

My booklet, “The Great Catholic Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd,” will be available for free, in Kindle format only, for two days, Sept. 9th and 10th, 2016. Please take advantage of this offer. — Ronald L. Conte Jr.


It is not the End of the World

[Matthew 24] {24:3} Then, when he was seated at the Mount of Olives, the disciples drew near to him privately, saying: “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of your advent and of the … Continue reading

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Revision of my book on the Warning

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A revised version of my book, The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle, is now available in print from Amazon. A Kindle version is planned, but might not be available for a few weeks. — Ronald L. Conte Jr.  


Indications that the Tribulation is Near

The first part of the tribulation unfolds in this generation. The second part of the tribulation, including the Return of Jesus, does not occur until several generations from now, in the distant future. The Antichrist and the worst sufferings of … Continue reading

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