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Reply to the Seven Accusations of Heresy

The Foolish Correction accuses Pope Francis of propagating seven heresies. This article will consider each claimed heresy, to see whether it is heresy and if so, whether Pope Francis has propagated each one. Introduction This section therefore contains the Correctio … Continue reading

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Dogma, Distortions, and Heresy

Over at Canon Law Blog, Dr. Ed Peters states that the teaching of the Magisterium condemning contraception as intrinsically evil is infallible under the ordinary and universal Magisterium (About That Humanae Vitae Rumor). Then he badly misstates the infallible teaching, … Continue reading


On Lying, Mass Murder, and Heresy

[1] Deacon Jim Russell wrote an article, titled Combatants, Non-Combatants, and Double Effect, published August 10, 2017 at Crisis Magazine. [2] My article is here: Response to Deacon Jim Russell on Combatants and Double Effect, with a follow-up titled: A … Continue reading

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Joe Biden officiated at a Gay Marriage again

As reported in several sources, former Veep Joe Biden officiated at a same-sex marriage ceremony this past weekend. In 2016, Biden also officiated at a gay marriage. On both occasions, Biden had the role usually fulfilled by a priest or … Continue reading

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Radical Revisionist Ethics: Adultery and Lying

When I was getting my degree in philosophy and theology at Boston College (many years ago), I took a class in sexual ethics. The professor, Lisa Sowle Cahill, did in fact teach what the Church teaches on morality, including that … Continue reading

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The conservative Catholic subculture has gone astray from the true Faith

After Vatican II, liberal Catholics used the Council as an excuse for a number of serious errors on faith and morals, and on discipline. But the Council is not responsible for those errors, just as the Bible is not responsible … Continue reading


The Doctrinal Crisis on Intrinsic Evil

In Roman Catholic moral theology, no teaching of Jesus Christ through His Church is more under attack than the teaching that intrinsically evil acts are always wrong. It is a difficult teaching to accept. The condemnation of intrinsically evil acts … Continue reading

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Can a Popular Idea also be Heresy?

What does Sacred Scripture say? [Exodus] {23:2} You shall not follow the crowd in doing evil. Neither shall you go astray in judgment, by agreeing with the majority opinion, apart from the truth. [Luke] {6:26} Woe to you when men … Continue reading

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Against Modern Heresies: Biblical Inerrancy

It is a well-established formal dogma in the Church that the Bible (Sacred Scripture) is entirely without error. Everything that the Bible asserts as true is certainly true, in the sense, to the extent, and in the way, that the … Continue reading

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Against Modern Heresies: Adam and Eve

The Church teaches infallibly in any of three ways: (1) Papal Infallibility, (2) Conciliar Infallibility, (3) ordinary and universal Magisterium. Infallible teachings are required to be believed by every Catholic with divine and catholic faith, that is, with the full … Continue reading

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Fr. Iannuzzi asks Can a Pope Become a Heretic?

Rev. Joseph L. Iannuzzi, STD, Ph.D. has written an in-depth article answering the question: Can a Pope Become a Heretic? [PDF file] Please download a copy and take the time to read it. Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi is a doctoral … Continue reading

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Nine Teachings Opposed to Heresy and Schism

1. The first condition of salvation is to maintain the rule of the true faith. And since that saying of our lord Jesus Christ, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church,” (Mt 16:18) cannot fail … Continue reading

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Why God specifically chose Pope Francis to lead the Church

Problem Previously, I wrote that The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem. I have written on this topic many times. I have specifically pointed out teachings and teachers who were leading the faithful astray by various grave errors on … Continue reading

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What is the role of the Holy Spirit in papal elections?

Mirus’ View Over at, Jeff Mirus takes a dim view of the work of the Holy Spirit when the Cardinals of the universal Church gather to elect the next Vicar of Christ. His post, On the role of the … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem

The Roman Catholic Church, worldwide, has a severe heresy problem. The vast majority of persons who call themselves Catholic have accepted heretical ideas, in contradiction to definitive Church teaching. Common heresies among the laity include: * the claim that the … Continue reading

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A Nun publicly denied Mary’s Virginity

In a recent news story, Sister Lucia Caram, a Roman Catholic nun in Spain, publicly denied the dogma of the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The nun said: “I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that … Continue reading

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The Maltese Bishops formalize a common practice in the Church

The Catholic Bishops of Malta have released a document: Criteria for the Application of Chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia. The document plainly permits the divorced and remarried to receive the Sacraments of Confession and Communion based on their own judgment … Continue reading

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The fault is with conservative Catholics, not Pope Francis

It’s not just Amoris Laetitia, and it’s not just Pope Francis. In the present time, many conservative Catholics portray themselves as entirely faithful to the Magisterium, while rejecting, ignoring, or radically reinterpreting any magisterial teachings contrary to their own thinking. … Continue reading

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500 Scholars Pretend To Support Humanae Vitae

When I first heard the news, that over 500 Catholic scholars issued a joint statement in support of Catholic teaching on contraception, I was pleased. Then I read the document and was deeply saddened. The statement, issued at the Catholic … Continue reading


Contra Kelly Bowring on Pope Francis

Heresy and Schism — Kelly Bowring, Ph.D., writes mainly in the subject area of Catholic eschatology. But Kelly Bowring’s writings in eschatology are heretical. He proposes, repeatedly and emphatically, that the Church is not indefectible, and that She will go … Continue reading

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