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Pope Francis on Nuclear Disarmament

Over at, Phil Lawler is exercising his self-given role to judge and oppose the Roman Pontiff. Note that, in a previous post, Lawler spoke with great pride about past popes Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, … Continue reading

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The Mistakes of Conservative Papal Critics

Like every Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis is not personally infallible; his opinions and non-infallible teachings do not have the guarantee of infallibility; he can err in a number of different ways. Therefore, the faithful can disagree, without sin. In so … Continue reading

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What If Pope Francis approves of Women Deacons?

The Study Commission on the Women’s Diaconate was established in August of 2016. Who knows what the commission will decide? The members have expressed diverse views on the subject. Perhaps they will issue a report which offers both points of … Continue reading

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Will the Signatories by Punished by the Church?

UPDATED below In my opinion, all of the signatories are guilty of public formal schism, and are therefore automatically excommunicated. The Holy See could issue a warning to the signatories to recant, and then issue an excommunication (ferendae sententiae), if … Continue reading

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Commentary on the Filial Correction

The filial correction being reviewed here is the one found on the website, titled “Correctio filialis de haeresibus propagatis” [Filial correction concerning the propagation of heresies], dated 16 July 2017, delivered to Pope Francis on 11 August 2017, made … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis the Current Valid Pope? Poll (closed)

UPDATED (see my subsequent post on this topic.) Yes, he is the current valid Pope. To hold or say otherwise is the grave sin of formal schism, and carries the penalty of automatic excommunication. A blogger who calls himself “thetimman” … Continue reading

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What Pope Francis meant by Irreversible Liturgical Reform

First, let’s consider what Pope Francis actually said, as reported by Vatican Radio: The liturgical reform, he said, did not “flourish suddenly,” but was the result of a long preparation. It was brought to maturity by the Second Vatican Council … Continue reading

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An A to Z defense of Pope Francis

This post is a rebuttal to the post titled The A – Z list of concerns with Pope Francis by John-Henry Westen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of 1. Amoris Laetitia The magisterial teachings of any Pope are non-infallible — always … Continue reading

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Q and A on accusations against Pope Francis

A conservative schism is already underway. Some conservatives have already publicly declared that Pope Francis has taught heresy, or has committed heresy. Some have already publicly declared, in one way or another, that they will not be guided or taught … Continue reading


What Happens AFTER a claimed removal of the Pope?

What would happen if a group of Catholics, including some Cardinals and Bishops, claim to have judged Pope Francis guilty of heresy, and claim to have removed him from the office of the Roman Pontiff? They might declare that his … Continue reading

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Why God specifically chose Pope Francis to lead the Church

Problem Previously, I wrote that The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem. I have written on this topic many times. I have specifically pointed out teachings and teachers who were leading the faithful astray by various grave errors on … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler’s schismatic proclamation against Pope Francis

In his post, This Disastrous Papacy, Phil Lawler utterly condemns Pope Francis, as if he were one of the worst Popes in history. And his papacy has not even ended yet. Not only is Lawler not qualified to judge any … Continue reading

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What if there is a “formal correction” of Pope Francis?

The terms most often used for this correction include “public correction”, “fraternal correction,” and “formal correction.” What form would such a correction take? Who would make the correction? What might it say? First, let me inform the reader that I … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis the Valid Pope?

How can we know which person is a valid Pope, and which persons might be antipopes (a false claimant to the papacy)? The answer is simple and dogmatic: the Church is indefectible. Therefore, God’s providence and grace NEVER permits anyone … Continue reading

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The Disingenuous use of the word Confusion by Papal Critics

The latest watchword of the critics of Pope Francis and of Amoris Laetitia is confusion. They disingenuously claim to be confused about what Pope Francis is teaching, in Amoris Laetitia and elsewhere. But what they really mean is that Pope … Continue reading


Are You Waiting on a Response to the Dubia?

Over at The Motherlands (blog), Denise Renner wrote this post: Waiting on a response to the dubia. She says: “If only children asked questions in the form of dubia: well-worded requests for clarification requiring a “Yes” or “No” in response.” … Continue reading

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Every Roman Pontiff is Indefectible

Based on the teaching of Sacred Scripture, and the very words of Jesus about Peter and his successors, and the teaching of the Sacred Councils, especially the First Vatican Council, I believe that each and every valid Roman Pontiff is … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters vs. First Vatican Council

The Magisterium The First Vatican Council taught the following: “6. For the Holy Spirit was promised to the successors of Peter, not so that they might, by His revelation, make known some new doctrine, but that, by His assistance, they … Continue reading

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The Conservative Catholic Schism will definitely happen soon

Every day, conservative Catholics are publicly expressing contempt for the authority of the Roman Pontiff. Every day, they exalt themselves above the Supreme and Universal Pastor, speaking as if HIS decisions on doctrine and discipline were subject to THEIR judgment, … Continue reading

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Errors in the Filial Appeal Petition – part two

The full petition is here: [continued from part one] “13. We firmly reiterate the truth that divorcees who have attempted a civil marriage and who, for most serious reasons, such as the children’s upbringing, cannot satisfy the grave obligation … Continue reading

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