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Q. 2: Can Catholic Married Couples Use “Marital Aids”?

No, they cannot. The use of sexual devices (“sex toys” or “marital aids”), even in marriage, is gravely immoral. There are a number of reasons why this type of act is intrinsically evil and morally illicit. First, this type of … Continue reading

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Saint Joseph: sinless virgin and virginal spouse

In private revelations to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil, the Virgin Mary appeared under the title of “Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.” On some occasions, Saint Joseph also appeared, and he spoke to her, saying: “It is true my … Continue reading

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Q 1: Is the “One Rule” of West and Popcak approved by the Church?

Q 1: Is the “One Rule” of West and Popcak approved by the Church? No. It is condemned by the Church. In 1951, in his Address to Midwives, Pope Pius XII rejected a certain idea about marital sexual ethics. The … Continue reading

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Christopher West’s pornification of the Gospel

The reader is cautioned that this post contains mature language and subject matter. Here is the post from West dated 14 March 2018. Please read it there. My commentary follows. When West says the goal of nature is life, he … Continue reading

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Pope Pius XII versus the Theology of the Body “experts”

This point will be discussed at length in my upcoming book. But here is the text from the Address to the Second World Congress on Fertility and Sterility of Pope Pius XII: “By the force of this law of nature, … Continue reading

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A Quote on Marital Sex falsely attributed to Pope Pius XII

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There is a certain quote, which many sources say is from Pope Pius XII, which is used to justify unnatural sexual acts in marriage. I happened across the original source of the quote. And it isn’t a Pope or Bishop … Continue reading

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How the Basic Principles of Ethics apply to Marital Chastity

Proponents of marital unchastity, that is to say, persons who propose that certain kinds of sexual acts, traditionally called unnatural, are moral to use in Christian marriage, never explain the basic principles of ethics. And they never base their claims … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on Unnatural Acts in Marriage

The Church condemns the use of contraception, even in marriage, because contraception deprives sexual acts of their procreative finality. The Church condemns homosexual acts mainly because these acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life”. But unnatural sexual … Continue reading

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A Catholic view of the Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement is the work of over 150 evangelical leaders. It expresses their understanding of Biblical teaching in opposition to modern culture’s teaching on sexuality and gender. The 14 articles of the statement are fairly well written. They are … Continue reading

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Free book on Marital Sexual Ethics

My book, Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics, will be free from Wednesday, June 7 to Friday, June 9 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer. This book presents the teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith … Continue reading

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St. Thomas Aquinas on Marital Chastity

First, St. Thomas quotes Peter Lombard: Conjugal relations “are not to be changed to a use contrary to nature” [The Sentences, Book IV]. Then, St. Thomas explains what Lombard meant and why he is correct: “Marital relations are contrary to … Continue reading


Catholic Discussions of Marital Sexual Ethics

In various online Catholic forums, the topic of marital sexual ethics is often discussed. I’ve been involved in many such discussions in the past, and I’ve read many similar discussions, in which I’ve not participated. I’m writing this post to … Continue reading

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Pope Pius XII: it is not impossible for married couples to abstain from sex

The controversy over Amoris Laetitia has raised the question as to whether it might be impossible for a divorced and remarried couple to refrain from sex, as the Church teaches they must. They do not have a valid Sacrament of … Continue reading

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500 Scholars Pretend To Support Humanae Vitae

When I first heard the news, that over 500 Catholic scholars issued a joint statement in support of Catholic teaching on contraception, I was pleased. Then I read the document and was deeply saddened. The statement, issued at the Catholic … Continue reading


Saint Jerome on Marital Chastity

Saint Jerome, Doctor and Father of the Church Illicit sexual acts within marriage are equivalent to fornication and adultery, as Saint Jerome taught: “And it makes no difference how honorable may be the cause of a man’s insanity. Hence Xystus … Continue reading

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contra Austin Ruse: Like Us or Not?

Over at Crisis Magazine, Austin Ruse has written a disturbing article about homosexuality which does not even pretend to be Catholic in its views: They Are Not Everywhere. They Are Not Like Us. I have some serious criticisms of this … Continue reading


Sacred Scripture on Chastity: The Epistles

Select verses from the Epistles of the New Testament which explicitly or implicitly teach us about the virtue of chastity, including chastity in marriage. [Romans] {1:25} And they exchanged the truth of God for a lie. And they worshipped and … Continue reading


Saint Alphonsus Liguori on Marital Chastity

Introduction Saint Alphonsus Liguori was a Catholic Bishop who lived from 1696 to 1787. He died at the age of 90 years. He was canonized by Pope Gregory XVI, and was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius … Continue reading

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Some Priests break their Vow of Chastity indirectly

It is a grave personal sin, which also harms the Church, when any priest breaks his vow of chastity directly, that is, by having sexual relations outside of marriage. (Recall that some Catholic priests are validly married under Church law.) … Continue reading


Reply to False Claims about Marital Chastity

Which sexual acts are moral for a Catholic marriage couple? Each and every sexual act in a marriage must be both unitive and procreative. The unitive meaning includes the love of the spouses for one another, but it is not … Continue reading

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