Two Versions of Church Teaching on Contraception

Version A: Contraception is intrinsically evil and gravely immoral, regardless of marital state. It is any act which deprives sexual intercourse of its procreative finality (i.e. its openness to life), regardless of whether the persons engaging in sex are married … Continue reading

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What Heribert Jone wrote in Moral Theology

This post contains mature subject matter. I’ll try to keep the language as modest as possible. Christopher West, in his book At the Heart of the Gospel: Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelization, cites Rev. Heribert Jone’s book Moral … Continue reading

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Papal Infallibility and Women Deacons

Suppose that Pope Francis decides he would like to permit the ordination of women as deacons. How would he go about it? He knows that his conservative Catholic critics will oppose this decision, which relates to both doctrine and discipline. … Continue reading

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Latest theology Q and A (closed)

A post for theological questions on faith, morals, salvation, and matters of Church discipline.

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Prayers Request

I’m still in need of continued prayers. Please consider offering the Mass you attend for my benefit, especially for guidance concerning my health. Ron Conte

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A Certain Attitude about Incorrect Ideas

There is a certain attitude causing a great deal of trouble in our society today. 1. It begins with the idea that one’s own opinions and understanding on a controversial topic are correct, and the opposing views are wrong. Well, … Continue reading


Is Ireland Still Catholic After The Vote?

The Washington Post reports that Ireland has voted to repeal the constitutional amendment making most abortions illegal. Life of the mother abortions have been legal since 2013. And travel to other nations for abortion is also legally permissible. But the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: God made you like that

News report: Gay Man Says Pope Francis Told Him, ‘God Made You Like That And Loves You Like That’. “He told me, ‘Juan Carlos, the fact that you’re gay doesn’t matter. God made you like that, and he loves you … Continue reading

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Theological Q and A

I’m resuming the question and answer posts. Ask a question on almost any topic in theology. Please keep questions brief, and don’t expect a very long response. Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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Faithfulness in Disagreeing with Any Roman Pontiff

The Catholic faithful are required under pain of mortal sin and excommunication, to avoid heresy and schism, to believe what the Magisterium teaches as doctrine, and to accept the authority of the Church over discipline. But we also have the … Continue reading

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An Auxiliary Bishop exalts himself above the Roman Pontiff

Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan, has given yet another interview, in which he speaks as if he were judge over the Roman Pontiff and over the entire Magisterium: Interview: Bishop Schneider Addresses … Continue reading

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Unfaithful Conservatives have turned Humanae Vitae into a Fabergé egg

Conservatives complain when the Pope criticizes them. They say, “Why is he criticizing those who are most faithful?” There is an assumption common among conservatives that the majority opinion in the conservative Catholic subculture is essentially inerrant. But, in fact, … Continue reading

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On Cooperation with a Contracepting Spouse

Suppose that one spouse in a marriage wishes to use contraception, and the other spouse, following Catholic teaching, wishes to have natural marital relations open to life. Can the couple have sexual relations, if one spouse is committing the sin … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on the modern-day versions of Gnosticism and Pelagianism

This article Pope Francis warns of two paths to holiness explains the teaching of the Pope on this point quite well. It is a criticism that applies to many conservatives and traditionalists, so it has been rejected or ignored by … Continue reading

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Request for Prayers

I’m asking my readers, please include me in your prayers. I am again having a lot of problems with my back. This has been going on for over 2 years now. Please pray that God will give me His guidance … Continue reading

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A Call To Faith

Suppose that a Pope, any Pope at all, issues a papal document, containing a new definition of dogma. In this hypothetical, everyone agrees that the teaching meets all of the conditions for it to be infallible under Papal Infallibility. However, … Continue reading

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A Contrary Opinion on the Work of Janet Smith

The National Catholic Register has an article titled: Janet Smith, Fearless Defender of ‘Humanae Vitae’. Defender? Nothing could be further from the truth. Smith has gutted the teaching of the Church against contraception, turning Humanae Vitae into a hollow shell … Continue reading

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Does Opposing the Pope really help the Church?

A while back, I read an absolutely ridiculous article, by which I mean an article deserving of ridicule, over at 1Peter5: Our Battle Against Seemingly Insurmountable Odds. It’s about the battle against the Pope, the person chosen by Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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The first review of “The Catholic Marriage Bed”

My book, The Catholic Marriage Bed, received its first Amazon review here. Lots of personal insults not related to the book. Some unrelated criticism of my believe in Medjugorje and my work in eschatology. A good deal of name-calling. But, … Continue reading

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Defending Pope Francis: What is a Truth-Idol?

Pope Francis gave a homily at the Chrism Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica on Holy Thursday. A certain paragraph of that talk has been criticized as if it were false or heterodox. Pope Francis: “We must be careful not to … Continue reading

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