Formal Cooperation and the Fires of Hell

Formal cooperation occurs when the act of another person is intrinsically evil, and your cooperating act is ordered toward assisting the act of the other person (the perpetrator) in attaining its evil moral object (the end of the intrinsically evil … Continue reading


New Q and A post (closed)

For readers to ask me questions on a range of theological topics Ron Conte

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Some Advice on Preparing for the Warning

It is possible that the Warning of Garabandal will occur this year, on Good Friday. I suggest using Lent as a way to prepare. The main task is to do a thorough examination of conscience, and remove from your life … Continue reading

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The Meaning of the Word “Effeminate” in the Bible and Theology

The dictionary definition is not the subject of this post. But let’s use it as a starting point. The online Merriam-Webster dictionary gives two definitions for the word “effeminate” — “1: having feminine qualities untypical of a man : not … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wonder What the Numbers Are

All teachers of the Faith, including priests, theologians, various types of spiritual authors, teachers in schools and parishes, and even bloggers and discussion group posters, have a responsibility before God to be solicitous for souls. We must be careful that … Continue reading

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Asking God Questions, Getting Answers from Providence and Grace

I don’t know how many other Christians do this, but it works for me. Ask God a question. It should be fairly-worded, and not biased toward the answer you would prefer. Pray the Rosary and/or the Divine Mercy Chaplet, asking … Continue reading

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My Interpretation of Blessed Emmerich’s Two Popes Prophecy

I (Ronald L. Conte Jr.) have studied and written Roman Catholic eschatology for 20 years. Based on my study of Sacred Scripture and the Saints and some true private revelations, I can understand most of what Blessed Anne is saying … Continue reading

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My Debate with Michael on Marital Chastity

Previously, Michael posted some comments on my articles and position on marital sexual acts. His comments are long and make numerous assertions, which puts me in the position of either letting the comment stand, even though it might lead some … Continue reading

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The latest Q and A post (closed)

You know what to do. Ron

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Two Types of False Teachers

False teachers, in Catholicism, are persons who teach grave errors on faith, morals, and/or salvation. There are only two types: 1. Those who teach error mistakenly, 2. Those who know that what they are teaching is objectively false and contrary … Continue reading

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A Quote on Marital Sex falsely attributed to Pope Pius XII

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There is a certain quote, which many sources say is from Pope Pius XII, which is used to justify unnatural sexual acts in marriage. I happened across the original source of the quote. And it isn’t a Pope or Bishop … Continue reading

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How the Basic Principles of Ethics apply to Marital Chastity

Proponents of marital unchastity, that is to say, persons who propose that certain kinds of sexual acts, traditionally called unnatural, are moral to use in Christian marriage, never explain the basic principles of ethics. And they never base their claims … Continue reading

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Is the Warning of Garabandal This Year (2018)?

I don’t know. There are some reasons to think it might occur. And I hope it will happen very soon. But we will have to wait and see. If it is this year, then the only possible day is Good … Continue reading

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You should read “That doesn’t go there”

A recent post by Ann Barnhardt — who may perhaps be Ann Coulter writing under a pseudonym (I’ve long suspected that Coulter is a closet Catholic) — covers the topic of marital chastity succinctly, crassly, and correctly: That Doesn’t Go … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on Unnatural Acts in Marriage

The Church condemns the use of contraception, even in marriage, because contraception deprives sexual acts of their procreative finality. The Church condemns homosexual acts mainly because these acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life”. But unnatural sexual … Continue reading

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Catholics who implicitly support blessing abortion clinics

Fr. Charles Pope explains: That Blessing of an Abortion Center was an Act of Sacrilege. Yes, it was. But what many Catholics do not realize, is that the same type of sacrilege occurs when any Catholic priest or theologian argues … Continue reading

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Church Sex Abuse Cases: homosexuality or pedophilia?

This article at, In the Church, The Problem is not Pedophilia but Homosexuality, claims that most cases of sexual abuse by priests is a result of homosexuality, not pedophilia. I disagree. The situation is more complex than that. Allow … Continue reading


Are Some Persons Above The Law?

In secular society, daily we read about persons with money, fame, and power who have committed serious crimes. The victims and witnesses come forward. And yet they are not arrested. Days, weeks, and months pass, and they still walk free. … Continue reading

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The Three Moral Objects of Marital Relations

Evil is a deprivation of good; moral evil is a deprivation of a good required by the love of God, and the love of neighbor as self. An intrinsically evil act is an act with evil in its object. Natural … Continue reading

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Weekly Q and A (closed)

As usual, you may ask questions on a wide range of issues in Catholic theology. I’ll do my best to answer. — Ron Conte

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