Solution to the Papal Crisis

The Papal Crisis is the opposition between the conservative Catholic subculture and the Roman Pontiff: Pope Francis. This crisis is harming the Church. Many laypersons are being encouraged by conservative Catholic leaders to distrust the Vicar of Christ, and to … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A (closed)

Ask Ron Conte a theological question.

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Why calling Mary our Mother?

The Virgin Mary is our mother because we are the mystical body of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27) and Mary is the mother of that Jesus whom we are members of. The body cannot be separated from its Head (Col … Continue reading

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Prediction: A Conservative Tidal Wave After The Warning

The Warning of Garabandal is an event predicted by the visionaries of Garabandal, Spain, who had visions and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 1960’s. The Warning is an event whereby God shows each person the sins on … Continue reading

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What is a Canonized Saint?

A Saint is a person who has lived in holy imitation of Christ, to such an extent that: * they are certainly in Heaven with God, * they are among the most powerful intercessors in Heaven, * their holy lives … Continue reading

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From the Secrets of La Salette

The first and second secrets to Melanie at La Salette (my translation) with my commentary, from my book: The Secrets of La Salette and the End Times 2. “The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their bad life, … Continue reading

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Mary, Ark of the New Covenant and the Woman from Revelation 12 (Part 2)

The following is a continuation from this post: What does Mary being the Ark of the New Covenant has to do with the woman from Revelation 12? If we read the narrative from the previous verse, Revelation 11:19, it … Continue reading

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Prayer request

I’m seeing my back doctor today. I’d appreciate everyone’s prayers.

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Mary, Ark of the New Covenant and the Woman from Revelation 12 (Part 1)

The signs described in Revelation chapter 12 can be interpreted to be the people Israel or the Church. The following are the reasons why the “Woman” can be interpreted to be Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary, is called with … Continue reading

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Can a Pope be Excommunicated?

There are two types of excommunication: (1) the kind issued as a judgment in a particular case (ferendae sententiae) (2) the automatic kind (latae sententiae) (1) The first kind cannot be issued against the Pope, since no higher authority on … Continue reading

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New Q&A (closed)

post your theological questions here

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Abortifacient Contraception for a Medical Purpose

The writings of Catholic moral theologians on abortifacient contraception are often lack readily-available information on the medical aspects of this topic, including varying rates of break-through ovulation, health benefits and risks, and the percent risks of an abortifacient event. Some … Continue reading

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Prenatal Loss with Oral Contraceptives: Low Risk?

Catholics who argue in favor of oral contraceptives often claim that the risk of a break-through ovulation, which then opens the way to possible conception and an abortifacient event, is low. There are many problems with this claim. 1. Risk … Continue reading


Is Mary the mother of God?

This response is regarding the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is truly God. Explanation on the Holy Trinity, the Triune God, would be another post.  Some separated brothers hold the erroneous position that Mary is … Continue reading

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Fr. Zlatko Sudac: his role in the tribulation

In my eschatology, there is a future event, before or after World War 4, in which some of the faithful are given the Seal of the Living God. This exterior sign, usually on the forehead, will be accompanied by interior … Continue reading

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Are These Messages to Pedro Regis about Pope Francis?

Message 3276, June 2, 2010 “The day will come when an apparently good and just man will appear. He will deceive many people, for he will realize great prodigies. He will come from the southern hemisphere and many people will … Continue reading

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Did God authorize men to forgive sins?

Jesus received authority to forgive sins as a man from the Father for He says “all authority has been given to Me” (Matt 28:18), and He then sends His Apostles with that same authority, He says “As the Father has … Continue reading

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Francisco, my introduction

Hello everyone, My name is Francisco Figueroa, with the help of God’s grace, a faithful and practicing Catholic layman and, with Ron’s permission, I’m going to write a series of posts with apologetics nature for the most part. The purpose of the … Continue reading

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Q&A on Adam and Eve

1. Are we required to believe that Adam and Eve were two real historical persons? Yes. It is a dogma taught by the Council of Trent that original sin resulted from the personal sin of Adam, and, the teaching implies, … Continue reading

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Perfect Metaphor for Church Problems

Here is the story. A priest permitted an amateur to restore a 500 year old statue of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The restorer painted over the fine ancient wood with neon paint, with all the skill of a kindergartner. What … Continue reading

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