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How Can We Explain the Severe Abuse of Power?

A number of recent news stories prompt the question: How can we explain the behavior of persons who, when they obtain power, use that power to abuse their fellow human persons? The theological answer is based on grace, sin, and … Continue reading

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Free book on Adam and Eve

My book, Adam and Eve versus Evolution, will be free from Sunday, October 15th to Tuesday, October 17 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer. The book attempts to reconcile the apparent conflict between the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on the Death Penalty

Our holy father, Pope Francis, is the current valid successor of Peter, and he has the gifts of truth and of a never-failing faith. Therefore, he can never teach or hold material heresy, neither as a personal opinion, nor under … Continue reading

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We Need To Talk About The Liberal Schism

The conservative schism is now unfolding. It’s going to get a lot worse over the next several months. A large percentage of conservative Catholics and most traditionalists are going to publicly reject Pope Francis as the valid successor of Peter. … Continue reading

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Moral Obligations and Duress

What happens if an act is a sin, but the sin is committed under duress? First of all, the act remains objectively sinful. An act is a sin based on the three fonts of morality, as they arise from and … Continue reading

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Are the Signatories Exercising a Right to Correct the Pope?

This post is in answer to a comment on another post, in part: A. “The whole situation of the Synod, Amoris Laetitia, the various interpretations of AL by bishops in different countries, the dubia and now the filial correction is … Continue reading

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What will be the Next Step in the Conservative Schism?

The liberal schism is still a few years away. The conservative schism is only in its introductory phase. As you watch an arrow fly through the air, can you not see where it will strike? The Pride-filled Correction is only … Continue reading

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Free Kindle Booklet on cooperation

For the next three days, October 4, 5, and 6 of 2017, my booklet: Roman Catholic Teaching on Cooperation with Evil will be free in Kindle format. You don’t need a Kindle device to read the booklet. Follow the link … Continue reading


Why Both Sides Are Right in the Wedding Cake Dispute

The legal case soon to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court is: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. SCOTUS blog has two opinion pieces, one for each side: For Masterpiece Cakeshop and For Colorado Civil Rights Commission. … Continue reading

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5 Key Points in opposition to the Filial Correction

The signatories and supporters of the Filial Correction are ignoring every theological argument and legitimate question contrary to their claims. They dare to accuse the Vicar of Christ of propagating heresy (which is no different from accusing him of teaching … Continue reading

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Reply to the Seven Accusations of Heresy

The Foolish Correction accuses Pope Francis of propagating seven heresies. This article will consider each claimed heresy, to see whether it is heresy and if so, whether Pope Francis has propagated each one. Introduction This section therefore contains the Correctio … Continue reading

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If Even Atheists Can Be Saved, Why Be Catholic?

This is a common question in response to my position on salvation theology, that non-Christian believers and unbelievers can be saved by love of neighbor and invincible ignorance. Several points are key in understanding why it is better to be … Continue reading

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Will the Signatories by Punished by the Church?

UPDATED below In my opinion, all of the signatories are guilty of public formal schism, and are therefore automatically excommunicated. The Holy See could issue a warning to the signatories to recant, and then issue an excommunication (ferendae sententiae), if … Continue reading

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Pregnancy, Cancer, and the Indirect Death of a Prenatal

Let’s consider a moral dilemma that does not include an intrinsically evil act. A woman is pregnant and has been diagnosed with cancer. If she receives treatment for the cancer now, her life will likely be saved, but the treatment … Continue reading


The Trolley Problem and the Three Fonts of Morality

The trolley problem is an ethical hypothetical meant to propose a seemingly insolvable moral dilemma. A trolley is traveling along a track toward a location where four persons are tied to the tracks. These four will die if the trolley … Continue reading

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Jeff Mirus: Prayer in times of papal infidelity

Here is the post by Mirus, called Prayer in times of papal infidelity. By this prayer, Jeff Mirus is publicly accusing Pope Francis of infidelity against the Catholic Faith, which accusation is an act of formal schism. For no one … Continue reading

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Question and Answer session (new)

The previous Q and A post was popular, so I’m posting another one. Questions on the Pope Francis situation should be on posts related to that topic. Let’s keep this space for other subjects. Ron

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Did I not tell you they would accuse the Pope of heresy?

And now they have done so. To accuse any Pope of propagating heresy, by means of a papal document (Amoris Laetitia) and in many other ways, is equivalent to accusing the Pope of teaching heresy. It is a distinction without … Continue reading

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Are the Signatories to the Filial Correction guilty of formal Schism?

Canon Law on schism and excommunication: Canon 751: “schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him”. Canon 1364, n. 1: “an apostate from the faith, a … Continue reading

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Discussion of the Poll on Pope Francis

In my previous post, I held a Poll similar to the one on another blog, asking if Pope Francis is the current valid Pope. 30 persons answered the Poll question 1. Only 1 person said that Francis is not the … Continue reading

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